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Thread: Members NICK's meanings...???

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    Hmm, I figure I might as well add my nick to this already bulging list of people. The root of my name can be found in Windows boxes as a file called system.ini and I added the 666 on because at the time I was listening to a lot of White Zombie. In hindsight I would have probably chosen a better handle, perhaps my more fitting one of Alternate_Heaven, but its a bit late for that now.
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    If you have ever seen the movie "The man from snowy river" his name is Jim Ryan.. thats where i grabbed my nick from .. i think it is pretty cool.

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    Mine was a creation of laziness, when I realized the email I would be using here, I just reversed the name. Orginally I was trying to think of something I would find funny, but then realized someone I actually know might find me using orgazmo, mrhappy, jockstraphawg or many of the other names from movies we have come up with. Based on how we all feel at times I was also thinking of sybil or legion, but the other voices told me that sounded stupid. Hence the boring name this time out.

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    Mine was actually a rush job, I was setting up my first hotmail account and needed a login name so the first thing I thought of my favorite thing at the time, Marilyn Manson. Used a song title off of his new album (shitty chicken gangbang/ smells like children) and took the vowels out, and the whole gangbang part.
    the end
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    Dj cus I used to be a DJ at raves and Mizori because I come from "Missouri" a state which is commonly mis pronounced Misery, so I thought I'd just show love for the home town crew.

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    Wow, that was a refreshing thread to read, something a little out of the ordinary. AND, I we all learned where everyone's strange nics came from.

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    Puffin == Small Aquatic Bird
    I'm still trying to figure out where the hell this name came from, but I like it. So it stuck.
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    Where would someone get a name like mine?
    Well, for the longest time, I have been referred to as being a "psycho" (oh thank you, little norrow minded classmates), and then Squee came from a comic book I read when I am down. I have also heard there is a character in the game of Myst as well as in Magic the Gathering. Odd. For I have never heard of either of those Squees.
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    mine is the end of my email hcping and is the end of action verbs like ****ing, hacking, phreacking, etc

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    self explanatory.
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    Many more members have joined AO since February (is the date of the last post, #149) so i'm bumping up this thread for new members to tell us about their nicks...

    So guys/gals... any new meanings?


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