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Thread: Members NICK's meanings...???

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    Members NICK's meanings...???


    I have always asked myself about the meanings of many of your nicks. Why don't we just tell what our nicks mean. Maybe for some of you means nothing but i think mostly of us put our nicks thinking in something.

    Mine, personally, is from the movie The Lord of The Rings. I love adventure, legends, myths, etc. I like anything related to fantasy so i liked the Black Raiders from LOTR movie and (not to be totally equal) i changed it to Dark Raider. That's my meaning.

    And what about your meanings?

    We could know each other a little more then.

    Why 3rb00+?

    Why Tedob1?

    Why Spyder32?

    Why ebo?

    Why phishphreek80?

    Why mathgirl32?

    Why prodikal?

    Why powertoad5000?

    Why FamStars&Straps?

    Why Negative?


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    I chose my name because I like the band phish and people call me a phish phreak cause I like them so much. The 80 comes from my birth year. 1980.

    Hense Phishphreek80

    I have several others too... but that is the one I use most frequently.

    BTW: that is a pretty cool nick you have... Dark Raider
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    Mine is a combination of the states I have lived in. Born in Missouri (MO), raised in South Dakota (SODA), living and working in California (CA) put together in a readable order I came up with Sodamoca. The five is because when first using it on mIRC some jerks saw it wasn't registered so they started registering it then went to 1 etc. I jumped to five and beat them to that one. After awhile it just stuck with the 5 making it more cryptic.
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    Hey, cool....Phish is a good band. A guy that works with the band lives on my old street in Austin.

    How did I come up with mathgirl32? Well.....I love math (number theory, graph theory, and calculus, mostly) + I am a "girl" + I was 32 = mathgirl32

    To be honest...if I could change it - I would!

    Tip....don't use your age in login names.

    Go Finland!
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    Mine is the initials of the company I work for (Cost Xpert Group) and then my name. (Jarrod)

    3rb00+ probably worked on too many old Windows machines...
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    My nick comes from two things "Evil" being in that I embrace all points of view and love to debate. "Moo"....well just cause cows are cool. Also, it help people remember me better. You've probably seen many "Evil" esque nics but not too many "moos". Nics are something that represent you. Assuming you understand everyones' nics is to assume you understand everyone. Hurrah for nics!
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    My nickname comes from my child hood. Me and my friend gave each other these nicknames when we were in high school. He gave me Nyroca. All it is is my name backwards Cory N. The a is just so it would all sound right.

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    Mine is my job title, I couldn't stop laughing to find out my "Official Position" was a Technology Technician. . .or a Tech-Tech....Sound's like asking for a NIC Card. . .
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    I came up with my nickname while I was first learning about Computer Security with my friends, and we were on an IRC server talking, when a s'kiddie came on talking about making some stupid virus and giving it a l337 name making it the "Web Spider" virus. I ended up flaming the bastard out of the chatroom and thus recieved the title "The Spyder One". I figured I'd adopt Spyder and add my cousin's Jersey number from his basketball jersey 32, therefore Spyder32 was born . Odd, and not traditional, but we all have our reasons.
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    mine is a mistake, i thought it would get rejected with the characters i used. and i just was not to pushed to go back sign up many many forms...
    Hmm...theres something a little peculiar here. Oh i see what it is! the sentence is talking about itself! do you see that? what do you mean? sentences can\'t talk! No, but they REFER to things, and this one refers directly-unambigeously-unmistakably-to the very sentence which it is!

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