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Thread: Hacking Layer 2

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    Hacking Layer 2

    Came across a document from Cisco that deals with hacking switches. It covers a number of different attacks and gives some tips on how to protect your self. Contains some good explanations on how arp flooding and vlan hopping attacks work. Itís not an easy read so if youíre like me you might have to read a few parts over once or twice to grasp some of the concepts.

    Its 752kb so it might take a minute or two if youíre on 56k.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    I'm currently taking Cisco class starting next week. Thanks for the great info

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    I must say this is an excellent find cwk9. I ran across something like this, but was unable to post it at the time. I always wondered how this stuff worked. Thanks again for the great post! Keep it coming.

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    No kidding: GREAT FIND!

    I love pointing these types of things to my networking teachers who don't keep up on that kind of stuff. It good info and plus I get "brownie" points.

    Its nice to be able to get into the good computer labs with all the toys without having to be supervised.
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    I have to agree on that too! That's an excellent read!

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    One word - dsniff
    .....Brain Failure....dumping core.... z z z

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    I must admit this is an excellent document. I downloaded and gave it our network guru.

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    not a bad read, altho sometimes im more worried about my networked computers than my switch, even tho my switch is my bloodline =p
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    There is some interesting stuff about this in hacking exposed to. Especially about the ARP-cache and manipulate it so a machine sends the stuff ment for the gateway to you, so you can see it and then route it to the gateway again. Sniffing on a switch and the like... Why am I typing this..? I don't have no freaking clue. It's an informative read... like all said already... gheh...
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