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Thread: need help to find a latest manual on linux OS

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    need help to find a latest manual on linux OS

    dudes..........i am newbie just going to install linux on my pc......and i need a e-book to walk me through the installation and to help me learn the OS...i have found a few sites on line but all the e-books there are old..i mean they still talk about stuff like redhat-3 and can some one tell me where to find a e-book thats updated and knows that redhat-8 is in use.......THX IN ADVANCE

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    This is a major source of Linux documentation. Most distro's have installation instructions within the ISO that you download. Burn the CD and look for documentation. Also... linux distros are becoming so easy to install these days (mandrake, redhat) that you don't really need any instructions - its as simple as installing Win95.

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    If you are looking specifically for info regarding RH8, check this out.
    It has all you need to get started to install and learn.
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    Just like asscL0wn said, the new distros are easy to setup just like win 95. Just do a default setup to get started, and to get a clue what its all like. From there on, its reading the man pages, and the howtos' that are on most of the newer distros. What distro are you refering to anyway. If its RH, or SuSE, then the installtion is really simple. Just follow the directions on the screen. Google, and antionline are also a great source for information aswell as,, and mostly any other linux site. Keep in mind that you will have to read alot though. Again i point out the man pages, as they are a valuable source.

    Good luck to you.
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