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Thread: Windows Update ?

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    Windows Update ?

    hello!Can any one help...Im going to wipe my drive and reinstall my OS and reformat and I would like to know how to save all my windows(XP) updates. Ive contacted microcrap many times and they wont reply back. Seems as if this is a huge secret to these guys. It was no problem when I had a cable connection but now im using snail dial-up crap and cant afford to spend the rest of my life downloading SP1.

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    thats great!... sorry buddy... can't be done unless you had downloaded them individually and burned them to cd.

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    Phishphreek's right. You have to go to Windows Update. Then, go to "Personalize Windows Update" and click "Display the link to Windows Update Catalog under See Also" and, finally, click the "Save Settings" button. Next, click "Windows Update Catalog" in the left pane. Click "Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating system". Click "Windows XP family" in the scroll box (it's at the bottom) and click "Search". You will then have to download all of the updates and save them individually. If I were you, I'd recommend downloading the big ones (such as Windows Media Player 9.0, Windows Movie Maker 2.0, Windows Journal Viewer, DirectX 9.0 and SP1) and burn them to a CD. Then, when you reformat and reinstall Windows, install those updates (starting wtih SP1). Once you've installed them all, restarting when necessary, go back to Windows Update and download the remaining updates. Most of the Post-SP1 updates aren't too large, but if you're worried about the download, just do it at night while you sleep and you should be alright. Good luck!


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