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    Graphics Development

    Hey all, wanting to learn to make cool web grafs
    Then go on our to
    there U can find useful tuts on using Paint Shop Pro
    Still the Ideas can be applied to other graphics programs
    to produce similat effects or better.

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    Also, a really nifty site to check out if you haven't already...I believe I put it in the Web Dev Resources V-BRUSH, which is a huge listing of sites offering free and commercial brushes for PSP and PS.

    If you haven't tried brushing things, and are into trying something new with design brushes are absolutely awesome. They even have a club for freaks like me, called BrushFreaks (appropriately named) Brushes can give an otherwise boring graphic a grungy look to a sophisticated look and are fun to collect and play with.

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    The best three progz for nice effects are Paint Shop Pro 7, AAdobe Photoshop 7 and Corel Draw 11.

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    don't forget news..

    There is also a newsgroup on PSP.. check if its . I know that at least one of the program's developers take part of it, and there are pretty nice stuff posted.
    Ah, and in the Jasc website itself, have a look at learning resources and "Guest authored tutorials" . Helps a lot ;-) . have fun

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