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Thread: AO site links

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    AO site links

    Many posts are about site links.

    Wouldn't be AO enhancement to compile those by subject mapped to the forum discussion:
    - Networking Security discussion
    - IDS
    - anti virii
    ....& so on!

    Despite the fact that I 'm AO superfan, & spend to many hours on it from my wife point of view, I personnally don't find Top links very user friendly!

    Another solution will be to write a tut on that subject but that wouldn't be very intuitive for recent newbie!
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    Some of these links come off a fly find by google (like I do for some posts)
    While it is a good idea, it's a lot of work for moderators to compile. (let alone all the moderating they do )
    Why not check the user bookmarks, it's basically the answer to this question...
    (Not the top links - check user profiles and click on browse public bookmarks)

    sOnIc's Bookmarks
    Acidspectrum's, &

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