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    Smile Assembly Tutorials Online

    Yes it's another cut and paste post. For that I apologize.

    I have really been getting into assembly language, lately, and wanted to share with those who are interested some online tutorials that I think are really informative.

    Here are some tools to get you started if you don't already have them.

    Assembly tools:




    This is the one I am currently studying....I highly recommend it!

    The Art of Assembly Language Programming

    Another great Assembly site is the following:

    Win32 Assembly Tutorials
    This site includes downloads, tutorials, code, a message board, and links.

    Here is a preview:
    Tutorial 1: The Basics
    Tutorial 2: MessageBox
    Tutorial 3: A Simple Window
    Tutorial 4: Painting with Text
    Tutorial 5: More about Text
    Tutorial 6: Keyboard Input
    Tutorial 7: Mouse Input
    Tutorial 8: Menu
    Tutorial 9: Child Window Controls
    Tutorial 10: Dialog Box as Main Window
    Tutorial 11: More about Dialog Box
    Tutorial 12: Memory Management and File I/O
    Tutorial 13: Memory Mapped File
    Tutorial 14: Process
    Tutorial 15: Multithreading Programming
    Tutorial 16: Event Object
    Tutorial 17: Dynamic Link Libraries
    Tutorial 18: Common Controls
    Tutorial 19: Tree View Control
    Tutorial 20: Window Subclassing
    Tutorial 21: Pipe
    Tutorial 22: Window Superclassing
    Tutorial 23: Tray Icon
    Tutorial 24: Windows Hooks
    Tutorial 25: Simple Bitmap
    Tutorial 26: Splash Screen
    Tutorial 27: Tooltip Control
    Tutorial 28: Win32 Debug API part 1
    Tutorial 29: Win32 Debug API part 2
    Tutorial 30: Win32 Debug API part 3
    Tutorial 31: Listview Control
    Tutorial 32: Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
    Tutorial 33: RichEdit Control: Basics
    Tutorial 34: RichEdit Control: More Text Operations
    Tutorial 35: RichEdit Control: Syntax Hilighting
    Virtual Device Driver Basics
    Virtual Machine Manager
    Virtual Device Driver Skeleton
    VxD Programming: Primer
    VxD Example: MessageBox
    DeviceIoControl Interface
    Application Time and Shell Functions
    Client Register Structure
    Virtual 8086 Memory Manager
    PE Tutorials
    Overview of PE File Format
    Detecting a Valid PE File
    File Header
    Optional Header
    Section Table
    Import Table
    Export Table
    ODBC Tutorials
    Connecting to Data Source
    Preparing and Using Statements
    Retrieving Results
    An ODBC Example
    Translation Download Whole Packages
    French [PE/VxD/ODBC/import lib/Winsock tuts]
    Win32 Assembly Package
    PE Tutorial Package
    VxD Tutorial Package
    ODBC Tutorial Package
    Other Tutorials by Iczelion
    Hints on how to create MASM import lib This short essay gives you hints on how to create your own import libraries which are fully *invokable* with MASM
    Guide to Winsock Programming in Assembly Language Give info on how to use winsock in win32asm. The info is for winsock 1.1 but still applicable to winsock 2.x.

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    now that looks about as complete as a tutorial can get. Thanks allot MG32!
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    Kind of off topic but I wanted to point out something.

    1> This is NOT in tutorial section. It is not an original tutorial, so it shouldn't be.
    2> It was stated upfront that it was a cut and paste... No chance of copywrite violation.
    3> It was NOT a complete copy paste, it was more links then anything else....

    This is a perfect example of how this SHOULD be done.
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    Really impressive THANX MG32

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    You guys are so very welcome. I hope you get as much out of them as I am!

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