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Thread: Hackers Challenge 2!

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    Hackers Challenge 2!

    Hi AO!

    I picked up a book called Hackers Challenge 2 .

    It is the sequel to Hackers Challenge .

    I have to say that I absolutely love the first one and I read it in about a week on the beach.
    So... I picked up the second one.

    So far I've only skimmed through it but I've liked what I've seen.

    They have all of your classic senarios and more. These challenges seem to be a little more difficult than the last ones. Seeing that I'm still a newbie with computer forensics, thats not a bad thing, cause I get to learn something.

    Has anyone else picked up this book, and if so, what do you think of it?

    If you have not yet purchased this book or the first one... I would recommend it.

    They are a great way to learn about the differend types/scenarios of an attack and how to counter it along with the tell tale signs of attacks and how to protect yourself from these attacks. Great reading!
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    Hrm.... i might take a look into it, thanks for the heads up

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    cool ill take a look aswell looks good thanks


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    Well i get confused by these HACKING Books.Some says HACKING EXPOSED

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    exactly what confuses you bat21? if i could make more sense of your post i would try to help you clarify some things ..?.
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    Well i get confused by these HACKING Books.Some says HACKING EXPOSED series is best and now HACKER CHALLENGE. So guys help me to point the best book.

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    well thats the whole idea of the book reviews.. some books are better written than others and some have different content.. go to and read what they have to say about the books their... read a varied wide range of books for a broader knowledge base..

    search this forum for book reviews on some books that you are interested and read reviews on them .... also remember dont just judge a book by its cover. the title doesnt really mean a lot ...
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    An excellant read:

    ---->Network Intrusion Detection : An analysts handbook

    A bit of a tough read in places..but well worth it...

    never heard of hackers challenge (sounds interesting tho)..but the hacking exposed series were quite interesting....

    Happy Reading!!
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    i'll take a l00k into all of these b00ks....they sound g00d reading....
    |kante - check it out....amitabh bachan + bank robberies = good m0vie....
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    I read Hacking Exposed it's a good one and you should check 2600 and Phrack


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