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Thread: Quest@Home Patch (Internet Conection Speed)

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    Quest@Home Patch (Internet Conection Speed)

    I have achieved very satisfying results after installing the Quest@Home cable patch found at

    For those who don't already know, when you first install Windows there are a bunch of pre-set default settings that affect your conection speed to the internet. These default values may hinder your conection speed. Aplying patches for your particular internet conection type you can significanty improve your speed.

    For my ISP it is advertised that I should have a 1.5Mbps download speed. After preforming tests at I saw that I was only getting 400kbps which is less then half the advertised.

    After applying the sguide_tweak_98_ME patch from my speed increased to 662kbps, a signi9ficant improvement.

    Then I applyed the Speed Guide Web Patch and the @Home patch, my speed then measured 985kbps, much closer to the value my ISP tells me I am suposed to get.

    I thought that I would share that you,

    newbies, you should be aware that you need to back up your registry before aplying any of the patches, and you should know how to restore your system back if there are any problems.
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    I thought I saw that link before !!!
    I posted it before, see next thread.
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