Hi AO!

I picked up a book called Hackers Challenge 2 .

It is the sequel to Hackers Challenge .

I have to say that I absolutely love the first one and I read it in about a week on the beach.
So... I picked up the second one.

So far I've only skimmed through it but I've liked what I've seen.

They have all of your classic senarios and more. These challenges seem to be a little more difficult than the last ones. Seeing that I'm still a newbie with computer forensics, thats not a bad thing, cause I get to learn something.

Has anyone else picked up this book, and if so, what do you think of it?

If you have not yet purchased this book or the first one... I would recommend it.

They are a great way to learn about the differend types/scenarios of an attack and how to counter it along with the tell tale signs of attacks and how to protect yourself from these attacks. Great reading!