i am just about finnished getting my ccna and we have a tcs ( threaded case study) and basicly i have to design a lan for 11 schools from the gound up , and tie them together

now i was wondering actually thinkin of going mainframe for security reasons and the overall save in labor and cost associated with standard workstations over terminals

basicly i am in need of ideas pro and con tward mainframe teminal commputing and lan and network set up

i was thinkin of usin a 10 gig foundry ( web page accelerator) and a thin client and maybe 3 com audry

also i was leaning twards linux se or openBSD to ease the cost of licencing depending on the terms this will help make my proposal more appealing :-D

dunno i figure maybe i can get a few tips and a lil support all ideas and veiws welcome thanks