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Thread: Prove your geekage

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    I look like one of those "cool people" form high school. Yeah right! At school only my friends excepted me, the reason why is because I did drugs. The older I get, the more I realize that most of the people that were labeled geeks, actually are not that smart. I define a geek as someone that has a constent desire for knowledge. No matter what someone looks like, they can be as dumb as dirt, or as sharp as a double edged blade. The ones that were actually smart, became my friends when I stopped doing drugs. They look pretty normal. Accept for the fact that they can't ever get a date. It is the normal looking people that are curious about computers, network security, and basically knowledge in general. Whatever their motives may be.

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    I don't know where this thread is going.. but out of fun here is my contribution..

    I look less like a Geek now than I did B4 I networked the house..yes even the loo has a puter..
    and yes the fridge has to ask permission to join my home network..

    only spend 2-4hrs on the internet at home.. but I get upto 10hrs a day at

    I hear that there is a cure for Geekieness.. as its not on Medicare .. I don't care..

    Pocket Protectors, I have one for each day of the week.

    have enough spare parts in my computer room, to build another 5 computers, 7 telivisions, 3 VCR's I DVD-Player, 2 HF radio comms tranceivers, a spare wideband UHF/VHF transceiver, low power telivision transmitter, not to mention the ready working stuff in here.. oh and a half built 10" newtonian telescope..but no spares to build a monitor, or video camera.

    Have a emergency supply of Star Trek episodes, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, X-files, and Dr Who just incase I need to settle an argument.

    Computer and Electronic Mags, some go back 25years (ho 5h1t)

    I don't sleep with my puters.. the wife kicked them out a couple of years ago..

    for works of art.. Hard drives and motherboards adorn various desks and walls some specialy mounted or framed.. as works of art... the wife removed the other artworks b4 she moved in.

    Oh and last and not least.. It seems ..unlike Puberty.. YOU DON'T SEEM TO GROW OUT OF IT!!

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    Originally posted here by Syini666
    Hmm, I am definately not a stereotypical geek either, at least not physically.
    Same here.
    Most of my friends would probably agree that I average at least 8 hours a day on the internet, many of which are spent on IRC. I check my email and IRC chanel before I do anything else in the morning...
    Yeah, been there done that. I almost live in UnE now. It's crazy. If you go to AO's irc or UnE's irc, you'll definitly find the geekiest of the geeks. Hands down, no other questions asked.
    If at first you don\'t succeed, try again. Then give up. There is no sense in being ridiculous about things!

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    Do you guys name your comps? (like girl/boy names)

    Proof of geek-iness:
    Ey can you write your real name pls?
    \"My name is Overlord!\"
    ph34r starcract-nerds!

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    Und3ertak3r : You sound just like me!I think i have found a kinderd spirit
    Almost every thing in my house is run by P.L.C. and that is controlled by its own stand alone server.I have 8 comps and they are all named F.r.e.d.
    I fix any thing from cars to computers . My 9 year old son is into Linux and electronics and thinks win xp is for girls
    Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.....

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    physically...kinda...I'm 6'2", vary between 150-170 lbs, though normally don't visually change w/ the weight. I do wear glasses being as they're easier than contacts, which I wear when I go to work (no geek job yet, I'm a dishwasher at a local restaurant...can't wear glasses there because of the steam). Clothing: baggy carpenter jeans, light stonewash. Dark colored long sleeve t-shirt, used to wear all black novelty shirts w/ sayings on them...switched about 2 months ago.

    I have two computers in my room, both running WinXP ATM, though I change one to Linux (different distros) when I get bored. A friend and I are the tech bitches at school, as well as around the town we live in. first thing I do when I get up in the morning is sync my palm to get updated news (through AvantGo), then I check my email. On a day I don't work, I'm normally on the computer from almost right after school (3:15PM) until around 10PM, and on days I do work, I'm on right before, and get back on after I shower.

    socially: others have said, I'm full of useless facts, answers to hypothetical questions, etc. what describes me most socially is 'smart-ass'
    I want you to know that our friendship means a lot to me. You cry...I cry. You laugh...I laugh. You jump out of a window...I look down...then I laugh again.

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    So my wife and I got up to go to bed. I carried the remote control from the living room with me. She says to me "Why are you bringing a remote with you? You know we have one in the bedroom." Well, what popped out of my mouth completely unplanned was.
    "Because if I don't like what you're watching I'm going to hijack the session."
    Luckily for me, she's a little geeky too and got it.

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    lol...Hijack the session, thats a classic
    With all the subtlety of an artillery barrage / Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best. .:Bring OS X to x86!:.
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    techtech, wouldn't wiress be better...
    it's not that xpensive either.

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