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Thread: How to spoof your ip adress

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    How to spoof your ip adress

    You can spoof your ip adress if you have a multi proxy i belive the link is:

    then connect to other proxys to hide yours in between there's

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    I know you can spoof your mx information by modifying the file. I wonder if there is other ways of doing this.

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    ummm neggo we need you to close o. this no tutorialo.

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    What you have descried, isnt exactly IP spoofing. You have described 'Proxy Hopping' as i call it. If you really want to understand IP spoofing, you need to understand how to acctually create a packet. You can spoof your IP address by utilizing the raw socket .Seeing as you dont fully understand what spoofing acctually is I'll explain it.A raw socket is an interface that will give you the possibility to configure IP packets for your needs. If you want to spoof your IP, send a packet with a particular flag, or catch and analyze incoming traffic, you'l need to use SOCK_RAW interface. With a help of it, you'll be able to change all the fields of ip suite, wheter it is icmp, udp or tcp protocol.

    sendto(udp_sock, pack, sizeof(pack), 0, /*sendto - send packets*/
    (struct sockaddr*)&addr, sizeof(addr)); /*without connection*/

    Check out the sendto() line. This function is used for sending packets without 3 way connection. If that 3 way connection isn't there, you will be able to send spoofed packets. Other wise, keep proxy hopping.
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    well i try to make the tutorial as simple and easy to understand as possable

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    well icarius im not one to flame but please know what you are talkin about b4 posting
    credability is everything here as by the points u have reflect. take time get valid questtions
    ill toss u off some greenies so u dont think im a dick but for real man relax get info read b4 u speak
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    Thanks for the Mini-tut Dr Toker! Otherwise this thread would've wasted 3 1/2 mins of my day
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