I know the future of AO has yet to be announced, but I think I have a good idea.
I did a search before posting this and didn't see that anyone had suggested it.

I sync my palm with a site called www.avantgo.com which will let you download web sites to your palm (and other platforms) for later reading. I have yet to find a better way of offline web page reading.

I was reading some news on my PDA this morning, and it dawned on me that the mobile platforms don't really have a "security" channel with the exception of www.hackinthebox.org .
hackinthebox.org is more or less just news...

Anyways... my idea:

I think that it would be a good idea for both the users of this site and the site alone to add a PDA or mobile computing version of AO. Maybe it could just consist of tutorials and news letters. Some of the discussions would be useful, but most of the "good stuff" is in the tutorials and newsletters. It could be updated weekly or even monthly. Make it membership optional. It would be a good way to both advertise the site and to gain more users. Might be a good way to get others in the field interested in computer security and bring more content to the site.

We could have a moderator for the "AntiOffline" feature and maybe users could vote on which tutorials or news articles should be on the mobile platform.

What do the members of AO think of this?