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Thread: Welcome to Jupman

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    Smile Welcome to Jupman

    Since the kids have their underroos in a bunch and turned the last thread suicidal I thought I'd start a new one welcoming JupMan.

    I use a couple of your other sites and they're not too bad. It does suck that you are getting rid of irc but since JP is picking it up the whole thing is kind of moot. I also agree with hog that ap's kind of suck.
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    one minute everything is fine, the next jupman is on the almost banned list. just another example of the topsy turvy world that is AO? hm.

    [edit]he probably should have used the gold dot, eh?[/edit]

    i will take what i can get. i love the site and read from it every day. just try not to change it too much.
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    the next jupman is on the almost banned list
    Correction: the *banned* list. A fine way to welcome the new owner, don't you think?
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    Hey jufman just got banned and his thread comitted suicide. Is he not the member of this community anymore?

    I don't know what went wrong???

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    I was apauled when i first seen this, well that must be the end of the AP system Welcome JupMan and all of i hope your intentions werent put off with the kiddie bullshit around here some of the ideas in your thread were actually quite good maybe bring antionline back in to the security side of things and get rid of cosmos general chit chat etc and make AO 100% Security again
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    Jupman was banned as a joke. It was my idea... I admit it. Figured it would be funny, so I got some other people to join in. He has admin access to the server, so its not like he can't just recreate the account in about 30 seconds, and assign himself either a bunch of antipoints, or the premier membership gold dot that JP has.

    Not sure how he was banned though, because the thread suicided before he was banned. I don't know how any more antipoints were assigned to him after that.

    btw.... this shows how easy the antipoint system can be abused.
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    I was thinking it could be a joke. I couldn't believe someone banning JupMan knowing that JupMan has a lot of ways to know which members negged and banned him.

    Problem solved then.

    BTW, good joke!!! hahaha!!!



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    I second that. C'mon people let's have a warm welcome to the new owner JupMan!

    I also agree with hog that ap's kind of suck.
    In this case, yes. I do not think it was very nice to ban the new owner. Ban me too if you want, but let's face it people. AntiOnline is sold. It's under new ownership. Things will change. I am not in the least amused by it. However, there is not much I can do about it except suggest one thing. Maybe let the new owners not be subjected to AP's until the madness has died down?

    I do not see what would piss people off so badly. The ads?

    I was thinking it could be a joke. I couldn't believe someone banning JupMan knowing that JupMan has a lot of way to know which members negged and banned him
    Some joke. I am not laughing.

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    I agree with a littlebitnumb, maybe the owners should be AP exempt for a while.... I didnt think Admin's could be banned even if they did get negged into oblivion...

    JupMan: Welcome to AO.
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    Well there are worse things than being banned!

    If it illustrates the point that the AP system has its flaws, well it was worth it.

    We were absolutely not considering letting the forums go wild. We do want to keep them on security. One possiblitiy is human moderators. And we will probably go with a combiantion of points and people -- ie, moderators who will try to keep things on track and at the highest quality possible.

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