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Thread: Server to practice hacking/cracking abilities

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    Talking Server to practice hacking/cracking abilities

    Hey everybody, I recently attended a lecture at my university. Rather crappy lecture, however, the guest speaker let us know that he has set up a server for students to explore on with out consequence. He challenges anybody to do anything to his system provided you do not destroy the websites he hosts (he hosts websites for free for students).
    The server is at and is running red hat 7.3 with lots of added security and every patch is added as soon as it comes out.

    One catch, as soon as you breach the system, write an email to the admin letting him know what you did, and how you did it.

    Please don't take this as a chance to practice you denial of service attacks.

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    and i should believe you because....

    the last person to say this simply had a grudge against the owner of the server and couldn't do it himself.
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    While this is a great idea... I think we should hear that from him. He should have a page on his site giving authorization, rules, etc...
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    I understand where you all are coming from, and I wish there was a way I could show you authorization. He does need to put a page up authorizing this. As a matter of fact, I know the guy, he is a computer science major here, so I will give him a call and let him know. He runs a wireless isp called little apple technologies. The admins email address is on the site, you can email him and make sure you are authorized to do this if you do not feel safe.

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    content deleted by me, IchNiSan.

    Sorry if I was hard on you KidAdmin.


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    A. I dont live in germany, Im just german.
    B. I cant explain why it whois says the isp is run out of colorado, he says it is sitting in his living room
    C. The student sites are not up yet, he has just recently started making this option available to students.
    D. He is a grad student, working for a local wireless company.
    E. Its his personal server, not a server ran by his wireless ISP.

    I understand how this sounds fishy. My sole intention in posting my origional post was to share this opportunity that was presented to me with others. I know how fun it can be to play around with a server and not have to worry about getting into trouble.
    im not living, im just killing time.
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    Alright I believe you but Tedob1 and phishphreek80 bring up a good point we've seen people had out and IP or URL before and say its there war game server with out showing some convincing proof. Nobody here wants to get tricked into attacking a server that has nothing to with war games at all. Here are few ideas for anyone who wants to set up a war games server.

    -Give out your real name and maybe a phone number

    -The box should have a page that states that you are the owner and this is a wargame server

    -Format the box after the war game is over even if you don't think it was hacked.

    -The box should have no personal data what so ever other then the stuff on the main page

    -The box should be nothing other then a war game server and should not perform any other functions including workstation web page hosting mail server ...ect

    -Keep and eye on the box or have a system in place so can no one can use it for dos attacks or turn it into a warz or porn server.

    -If you have a small ISP you may just want to inform them what’s going on although I’m not sure bigger companies will be so understanding.

    -State how long the war game is to run and get and if you’re on cable or DSL get a new IP when you’re done.

    -The server should not be connected to anything other then the internet the last thing you want to do is expose other computers.

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    OK, Like I said, I don't want to doubt you, or cast aspersions or anything, but like tedob1 said, the last time someone made an announcement like this here, it was not at all accurate.

    People should definitely be very wary about this kind of thing, as it can lead to lots of trouble.

    Sorry to doubt you kidadmin, I have nothing against you personally, it just seemed very strange.

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    I understand, i really do. I wasnt thinking properly when I was choosing my words. Thank you for setting me in my place. Have a good evening.
    im not living, im just killing time.
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    I thing it is too good to be true. Why would some one ask to hack his own server, there is no contract where he is inviting people from all over the internet to break into his server and letting him know how they broke into it.

    To me it just doesn't sound right, anyways, cracking is bad and could lead someone behind the bars.

    No offence to you kidadmin but It is not a good idea to break into someone's server or computer even you got the verbel (not written and legitimate) permission.

    Very bad idea.

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