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Thread: Great HTML tutorial

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    Great HTML tutorial

    Hey Guys,

    I was doin a bit of late night surfin.... And I found this awesome HTML tutorial!!!
    It is really kewl.. It teaches you the stuph to build a simple web page! All you
    need to do is apply a lil bit of creativity!

    The site is:

    If you are interested in web design, You gotta check this one out

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    tutorial isn't too bad. would like to see some advanced stuff, they didn't offer too much info on forms. for a BASIC tutorial it's great so good find =)

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    I found a few helpful resources as well, covering the basics to advanced hope they are also some help to you (or anyone else for that matter)

    thanks for your link as well


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    Kewl! I didn't see those ones thanx for adding the...... Looking...... Hey kewl, they do go a lil bit more advanced than HTMLprimer.... Not bad... Not bad at all


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