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Thread: Cell Phone Codes

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    Post Cell Phone Codes

    Whats going on guys ? I would like some help on finding InFo on Cell phone programing .
    I heard you also mod ? But If anyone has a good sites please pass it on ... Thankx Alpa

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    ummm best if you probably read some of sites faq's. if you look around you can probably find it but nobody here will aid and abet a felony

    of course if you are trying to do something totally legitimate-I misunderstood and apologise
    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away-tool

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    I have no desire to commit a feloney . And i can under stand your consern but I dont like it when people ASSuME ..... but thankx for the advice _Alpa

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    Well I think I know what you're getting at, but don't you add a little more explination to what exactly your goal is if you find this information?
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    You could start searching this site..

    here is one link from this site.. google is handy as well

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    Another Site!!


    Another site that I came across for cell phones is:

    Pretty good site with discussion lists and lots of information. Though I didnt find the codes to be very useful. You can take a look and decide for yourself.


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    Please remember what kind of site is AO!!! And learn from this moment. Don't post links that contain malicious index which can be used against somebody.

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    if you got a Nokia try entering *#639# into the should give you some extra menus

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    Some one here is going way overboard with the negative points. Cell phone INFO is NOT ILLEGAL. Punching numbers on your phone is NOT ILLEGAL. Cloning IS ILLEGAL. He didn't ask for anything malicious or imply he wanted to do anything illegal. He just wanted INFORMATION ON HIS PHONE. this is an information site as far as I know. you people need to take a step back!
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    I try matrixhacker15 suggestion, now it messed up my cellphone cant use it no more
    He lied
    Anyone know how to fix it?

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