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Thread: finding out what a file does..

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    finding out what a file does..


    My ISP just sent me a letter stating that i had to upgrade my internet connection coz I "may" have been dialing the wrong number.. So I went n downloaded a patch.. now there is a connection kit icon sitting pretty next to my clock... doesnt do anything at all (on the surface, anyway)

    I dont like things like that sitting on MY pc .. so i was wondering is there any program i can use or any methods to examine exactly what this file does.. When I go to delete it, it says it will affect my connection if I do this...but the phone number hasnt changed...

    I use winxp pro....any ideas?


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    Delete it anyways, then set up your connection Manually from the Network and Dialup Connections. I wouldnt ever download anything claiming to boost speed or boost download time. With the exception of modem drivers. And why in the hell would you need to download a program to change the number? It is more than likey some sort of spywear or Adwear. Kill that program is my advise.
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    I'm not sure which OS your using, but it sounds like the program is running
    in the back ground. The reason I'm curious about your OS is because you
    can check what programs are running by looking in the registry. I could be
    wrong but go to run and type regedit once in the registry expand current user
    then expand software, next expand microsoft, now expand windows, next
    expand current version and then click on run. In the right pane it will show
    you what is running. If hkey current user is wrong try looking in the same place
    except under hkey local machine. Maybe you can at least see what is running
    if you feel confident enough delete the program from the right pane in run file.
    This will stop it from running.

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    Thanx for that guys,

    Basically, its software that was meant to change my dialup settings....(things i could have done myself)... so it all sounds dodgy to me...

    thanks netknow.. i had a look at the registry and all that was running was messenger (which i am about to go kill ) . Im still gonna delete it tho, think i will call up support tomorrow n bollock them...

    Thanks again!!
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    Haha, give them a good bullocking! Just manually set up your connection. Wow, as if I haven't said that a million times before when I did tech support. :P What ISP is this that had you download the program?

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    Freeserve UK ... the cheaky buggers, I am sure there is some dodgy spyware thingy just seemed so damn pointless, the only thing i have found that was actually changed was a shitload of new 'favourites' added to IE...

    think its time to switch ISP's.....
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    Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

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    Hi there; if you thinks is a spyware you can have your machine scaned with Ad-aware: a free soft by lavasoft; which can detect nerely every spyware there is in the market...
    If you know the file name you could also have a look at google's; i usually do so when I need info concerning any type of file.
    Another possibility is to rename the file; if nothing happens then delete it; it's worthless; if you suddenly discover that you lost your connection to the net then the file is needed...
    Hope i helped you...
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    Its spyware, find the program exe and type it in @ . Read the results and then delete it!! go to pcpitstop and have your system CHECKED!!!

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    Hows about .. running MSCONFIG - Startup ? disable what you don't need/want restart and see how your connection goes.. if it still works then Finger the Tech support at your ISP.. and see if they can tell you why the programm is in your startup..

    A major ISP in OZ loads a file with all there "Starter" CD's.. the program does nothing of value.. I was told that it "checks for configuration changes" sounded like BS, so My server is set up manualy and I disable it from the start up of all my customers machines..

    BTW if you find you can get rid of it.. re-enable it in MSCONFIG - StartUp , then remove the registry entry, and delete the file from where ever the buggers installed it..
    While the parasite/Spyware Progs are good they will miss it if is a ISP spy ware..

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    Jesus.... first can I say most of you are talking total trash on this one... I'm sorry but you are. I can understand your reactions but the situation in the UK is probably a little different to what you are used to across the ocean.

    Dr Toker... whilst your advice is generally good about progs claiming to boost connection speed (and I do agree with you IF this were the case but I can assure you it is not) that is not what this patch is doing....first the patch is from his ISP not from some dodgy website... the connection oblivious is using is a dialup.... the patch is NOT intended to boost his connection speed or anything like that - I'll answer your question as to why you might need to change the number in a minute.

    net know... yes the patch is running in the background

    Valor...ideally yes he would dial up from network setting etc... but there is a reason why Freeserve have sent out this patch

    ampm2003, Und3ertak3r and CmptrWhz strictly speaking the patch isn't spyware (although I do have something to say on this in a mo)

    Oblivious.... delete the file if you like but be warned the freeserve connection will not work well and you will probably find that connecting becomes increasing more difficult. This is a legit patch they have asked you to d/l. I'm thinking that you are paying for the better 24/7 service rather than the evening and w/e package? This being the case you should expect better service than other users who are on the 'normal' evening and w/e package. As you know Freeserve have been doing something of a marketing push lately.. this in turn has increased the amount of people using the dial up service and hence the amount of people using their dialup server. In view of this you might get degraded service due to the increased contention ratio of people using the dial up server - hence the patch.... when the contention ratio using the number you (and everyone else) normally use gets too high the patch will automatically redirect your connectionvia a sepearte phone number through a less used server (one kept apart from the usual server that everyone else is using). Thus freeserve can keep to their contractual obligation to give you better than 98% first time connection. It will also stop you form loosing your dial up connection quite so often. It is supposed to work in the background so that you don't need to be bothered by it. If you just connect via the network setting you will still be able to connect to freeserve but as the amount of people using Freeserve increase you will notice a service degradation and more frequent lost connections as you will not be running the patch program.

    Whilst I don't beleive that the patch tracks what websites you are going to as such note that it is possible to do it via this patch. However also note that all UK ISP's are going to be legally obliged to monitor which websites you visit by 2004 anyway (I think - may be sooner if not already) due to the RIP bill. Note that when this becomes enforceable it will not matter which ISP you connect through as all of them will have to keep records of where you are looking... and I know for a fact that freeserve are keeping logs of which sites you are going to as we speak.

    Incidentally I do not work for freeserve but the same thing happened to me (different ISP but same thing... don't forget all ISP's using dialup over phone lines have to go through BT, this thing is going to happen to everyone sooner or later - unless you're connecting via cable or satellite ) about 6 months ago so I took time to investigate it myself... and before you ask no I'm not at all happy about the RIP bill.... it sucks major time

    sorry this is so long but I hope it explains what this is a bit better... PM me if you have any other queries

    >edit> oh yeah one other thing... Oblivious it would be a good idea to ditch freeserve.... their dialup service is likely to get worse soon anyway...
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