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Thread: Hacking justified?

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    Hacking justified?

    Do you think it is fair for a hacker to hack into a website, say a underage porn website and bring it down? And reveal the information about the owner and perhaps expose some people'
    s email address?

    Would this be considered wrong?

    Its kinda a mix feeling for me, I think it is wrong but it is justified in doing so, if the law enforment can't do anything about it?



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    I have no problem with that kind of stuff, but you could join the police and get payed to do it.

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    Through the eyes of the law you'll still get the same charge for hacking a child pornography website as you will for hacking a well established website ( Best thing to do is whois the domain and contact the host of the url about the webpage. They will usually take quick action to eliminate the site to avoid litigation. If that fails contact the host of the host. If that still doesn't work contact or Don't waste you time or knowledge on child porn sites. Not worth the jail time.
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    Underage porn meaning like kids 11 or so i think that is wrong and most of those kids are forced to do that. I think that if a hacker doesn't like what he see's and with his knowledge to take down aa site that he doesn't like its his diccision. he might get in trouble though. Its up to the hacker behind the computer.

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    I beleave this was already talked about before

    I would never do that mainly because as soon as you deface the site and tell someone about it the person running it will shut it down, destroy the PC's hardrive, & they'd probably lay low for awhile and when they run into peaple who are asking to many questions they could easly blame defacers for everything.

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    If your personal value system allows you to attack predators of society then, for God's sake man!, don't let what you have done become public knowledge. Put on the black hat and follow you heart and hope to god nobody but the target is affected.
    I find it tempting to jump in and attack those who support hatred and oppression but think everybody is entitled to their opinion. When they act on a belief system that hurts a woman, child or another man, or an animal examine your motives and if you are not trying to force your belief system on them you have a decision to make.
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    This always leads to the question of what's right and what's wrong. Ethically, I wouldn't do it unless I knew that the police sanctioned it and I was helping them. It's not that hard to go down the slippery slope of being a vigilante and being judge, jury and executioner.

    In addition, for some consideration, has it occurred to some that by "hacking" (it would probably be better to say "attacking" or "cracking") someone who does child pornography or posts hatred that you may be making it impossible for the prosecution to put this person behind bars? I mean, that's really what we'd want, isn't it?

    So why not notify the police instead and offer them help?
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    Hacking a web site without permission is a crime, even if the site has child pornography. If you find a site like this you have to go to the police.

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    Hacking is never justified. It's just like warez traders and mp3 traders. You did not buy the product therefore you are not entitled to a copy. The only reason I ever felt entitled to download an mp3 of a commercial artist was because I actually owned the CD, but that track was damaged on the CD due to scratching.
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