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Thread: What if?

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    Question What if?

    I am really curious when iraq is invaded, what happens when all of the weapons he claims to not have are found. I am also curious when the people of Iraq, like the people of Afganistan, take to the streets in celebration.

    Lets take that what if and say the United States only contributed, money , the bare minimum to the UN. Like most Un members we will only support with our money. Our troops leave the gulf reagion. How long would it take for the **** to hit the fan. I can only guess but i think it wouldn't take long for Saddam to re-invade Kuwait, for the oil, and after that Saudia Arabia. What would happen with Mecca in the hands of Saddam. To the ignorant ones do you even know the significance?

    I don't think they will be greatful for all of the folks who joined hands and sang we are the world. Theres that saying you can **** in one hand and wish in another and see which comes first. I may have killed it a little but you get my point.

    Could you imagine if we lived in a perfect wourld where we as a race would be! Well we don't so you people that think we do need to get a fricken clue. I know that this writing will not change any of your minds but i will accomplish something, what you ask well i will have one more post.

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    I won't get into a whole speach or anything because I tend to get heated about this topic (since I spent 8 yrs of my life in the Marine Corps).

    Anyway, it is kinda like a television. When you watch television you don't think of how many years it took of someone's life to create such a thing. You don't think of all the endless hours some poor soul spent designing the first television that never worked. No you sit there and know that you bought it so it has to work, and who cares what the inventor went through, what matters is that you get to watch Friends on thursday night.

    Now imagine that suddenly the knowlege of how to make a television was wiped from everyone's memory and you had to invent your own television if you wanted to watch it. I bet the next time you turned it on you would give a soft sigh at the price you paid to spend this time relaxing in front of it.

    Basically it is the same. They exercise freedom of speach, they do their protests and talk about their ideal world. But if they were taken over and enslaved and had to learn to speak arabic while being someone's worker for little to no wage and not allowed to speak what they thought or dress the way they wish, they would think twice about the statements they are now making.

    I know, I know i said I wasn't going to give a speach, but hey I got carried away a little.

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