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Thread: Learning @ My First IT Job

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    Learning @ My First IT Job

    Hey there all,

    As I said in my intro post, I'm graduating from an ITT Tech. with a degree in IT/CNS and I was just curious what some of you IT Sages thought I might want to really reinforce during my first IT job (most likely as a PC Technician/Salesperson). Just thought perhaps there was something in particular I may want to really have driven home. Thanks for your time.
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    Learn how to play politics. Most of the IT departments I've had contact with are run by a glorified accountant (CFO) and they feel (for the most part) that IT is an expenditure they can do without. Since there is no true monetary return with most IT depts. it makes sense to pick your battles carefully.

    Oh, and before I forget. Keep coming back to AO, no matter who owns it. Most of the people here make it worth the time it takes to wade through the crap.

    I wish you all the best in your career.


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    I have to aggree with KorpDeath, IT gets the short end of the stick on most things. They don't see your value until they need you, so you are always grabbing for scraps at budget time, and begging for this or that. So my first bit of advice is to learn to do what you need to do cheaply. Don't rely on the latest machine as your way to make things work. Learn to use what you have, and either write your own when you can or find it for free. They love the word free.

    Also the best advice I can give you is to never stop learning. If you find yourself bored or wanting something to do, it is time to learn something completely new. Never be satisfied with what you know, and stay abreast with current technology and security concerns.

    Good luck on your new career, and don't think of it as finishing school, think of it as a warm-up.

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    ..... and if you do sort out a problem and the solution is free, let people know about it. Don't boast, just be all casual like. If you think your 1st job may involves sales - know your product inside out and backwards - obvious I know, but so many people just don't! I am responsible for the IT at a very small company and had to sell problems AND their solutions to those with the cash, to get the budget. Sales skills can help even when you're not selling. The very best in your endeavours.

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    If I had to go into a "sales" position, then the one I've seen that I like the most is what people term as a pre-sales/technical position. Basically it's a guy/woman that shows the customer what the product can do and how it could help their business, and then they hand off the sales part to a salesperson. You don't have to support the customer, and once your done presenting the product your out of there.
    Unless you like people then you might want to get into more of a sales or post sales support position. It's all up to you and what your comfortable with. My 2 cents worth.....good day

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    Good Luck of your job!

    as said before careful it's a mysteries world out there

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    Many thanks, all, for your support and advice.
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