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Thread: How do I access window's files from linux

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    How do I access window's files from linux

    I just installed mandrake 9.1 on my computer, and it co-exists with windows on different partitions on my computer, I read somewhere that I can access things I have on windows through linux. How do you do this because I need to be able to access aol from windows and use it while I'm on linux. Also another thing that bothered me was that when I set up linux it asked me what desktop I wanted to use and I put KMD or something like that... It is exactly identical to windows and is too easy to use, I was wondering if there were more challenging desktops to use and if there are how would I change it from the one that I have.

    *P.S- The other desktop choices it gave me was GNOME, DEFAULT, and two others

    Thanks to everyone in advance for answering


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    Hmm, im not sure exactly what to tell you about the desktops, but as far as getting to you windows partition try this

    [root@localhost /]# mount -t fstype /dev/hda1 /mountpoint

    i think with mandrake 9.1 and most current distros you can specify ntfs for the fs type, but if not try vfat, because I am pretty sure that will work. As for the /dev/hda1, substitute the name of your windows partition you are trying to access, and for the mountpoint just use something simple like /windows or /mnt/windows

    Hope this helps, and if im wrong on this feel free to correct me.
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    Go here it has what you want I'm pretty sure.,3149351.story

    >Hope that helps.
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