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Thread: Hosting?

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    Does anyone know a cheap (under 30$/month) host that allows PHP/MySQL and gives you an IRC server.
    Disk Space / Bandwidth should be 500-1000MB/20-unlimited GB

    Thanks for your help

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    I don't know anything about prices in the US, but I just ordered webhosting from 3ts: only 150 (approx. USD 150) a year for 1 GIG, 100 subdomains, 6 GIG datatransfer, PHP/SQL/CGI, 75 POP3-accounts, unlimited aliases, 10 mailinglists, 10 autoresponders, webmail, anonymous FTP-server, hosted on Debian servers at Telecity Amsterdam (one of Europe's backbones)...domainname included. For 30 bucks/month, you could get 2 GIG of space with 10 GIG of datatransfer...

    I guess prices in the US should be about the same, but I'll leave it to others to point you in the right direction...

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    Sevari... you could also check through these sites to find a provider...

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