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Thread: Redhat 9 out next week?

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    <off topic>

    Hey cgkanchi,

    Have you seen any good descriptions/tuts on the ReiserFS? I read the Linux Journal or Magazine (can't remember which) article written by the author but got lost after the first paragraph (there is this concept that some are really good technologically but cannot teach... ).

    <on topic>

    I don't know if they'd make a drastic change like that yet. Besides, won't it need 2.6? Has 2.6 been released officially yet?
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    You people live in the past. Suse has had Reiser FS since it's 7.0+ days. I love Reiser beats ext3 anyday. I can reboot the PC and it rarely ever checks the disk and when it does, it flys through. Which is important because I built a server at work that holds a terabyte of data! BTW: I realize you have to pay for SuSe, but after the first machine if you want autoupdates w/ Redhat you also have to pay.

    Mittens if you ever want to talk about ReiserFS you know where to find me.
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    Personally, RedHat 8 is too much like WinXP for me, ill just stay with RedHat 7.3.

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    A LUG I belong to normally has these ISOs available when they first come out...

    It is run by a local university... with really FAST DL speeds. (or upload on their side)
    I think they have a T3, but I could be wrong. Either way... 120-150kbps DL is great compared to the 30-50 you get at most linux distro sites.

    If they post it, I'll give those who want it a link for it.
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    Well, i am a SuSe person and i use Reiser FS so ill give some details for you all (and you better appreciate this because its a hell of a lot of typing) anyway, heres some specs:

    Officially one of the key features of the 2.4 Kernel release, Reiser FS has been available as a kernel patch for 2.2.x SuSe kernels since SuSe Linux version 6.4. ReiserFS was designed by Hans Reiser and the namesys developmentteam. Reiser FS has proven to be a powerful alternative to the old Ext2. its key assests are better disk spave utilization, better disk access performance, and faster crash recovery, the only real drawback is that it pays alot of detail to metadata but not the data itself. Future versinos will include data journaling, both meta data and actual data, are written to the journal, as well as ordered writes.

    Fast crash recovery:
    using a journal to keep track of recent metadata changes makes a file system check a matter of seconds, even for huge file systems.

    Better disk access performance:
    for small files, you will often find that both file data and "sts_data" (inode) information are stored next to each other. they can be read using a single disk IO operation, meaning, that only one access to disk is required to retreive all the information needed.

    Better disk space utilization:

    in Reiser FS, all data, is organized in a structure called B*-balanced tree. the tree structure contributes in better disk space utilization as small files can be stored directly in the B*- tree leaf nodes instead of being stored elsewhere and just maintaining a pointer to the actual disk location. in addition to that, the storage is not allocated in chunks of 1 or 4 KBs, but in portions of the exact size that is needed. Another benefit lies in the dynamic allocation nodes. this keeps the FS more flexible, in contrast to traditional file systems, like Ext2 where the inode density has to be specified at file system creation time.

    More specs:

    Reiser FS:

    File size Limit: 1 EB

    File system size Limit: 16,384 GBs (16 TB)

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    MsMittens, here's one I found.
    and here's a similar (slightly better one, I thought) by IBM

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    kanchi i think your one of the only people from IRC i never gave a name too, i gotta think of one for you, hmmmmm....damn howabout Cgee? lol anyway cool links, and HEY GUYS I SPENT THAT HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME TYPING UP REISER FS FOR YOU LOL lol, howabout like at least reading it lol, anyway, yea i think reiser is way better than Ext2 and 3.
    ill list a few helpfull Linux sites iv found here and there for everyone to check out.

    first if you dont use Linux or you want to but arent sure, id recommend looking at
    this site has alot of help for people new to Linux and also has a step by step walk threw of a basic install, and also alot of documentation. this is a pretty well known site but i dont think iv ever seen anyone post it on here so check it out this is another good site. this is a very important site for any Linux person, even though Linux comes with kick ass games theres ALOT here. this is awesome for finding things. this here is just amazing, make sure you check this out at least, if you dont wanna see every link im posting at least look here. this is a site that i dont think gets enough recognition, you can download alot here for free and its pretty good too. what can you say about this site except hell yea? this site is amazing. this is a good site of you like using USB but need some extra help. very good site for security focused Linux users (isnt that all of us though? ) for the advanced user who wants there own distro....hehehehehehehe i cant wait untill Gornix 1.0 is out muahahahahahaha need to use Linux for a big purpose? go here. what can you say about the iso site? its like the best for downloading a distro. this is an awesome site. a playfull penguine is a happy penguine lol.

    Well thats it for now guys i have to get ready for school. enjoy the sites, theyv helped me out and also if Linux isnt all you wanna play in the Free BSD site is GREAT and also
    one of the most secure systems on earth in my opinion. could install this on a kleenex if it had a floppy drive, lol.

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    Mean while MandrakeSoft Has free Mandrake 9.1 today......!!!

    And in my experience the look and feel for it is too cool


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    wow, maybe they will fix all of their damned gcc problems and have an environment that actually compiles correctly... grrrrr i hate package managers... blah Redhat is good except for that whole it sucks part. Slackware 9 !!!!!!

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    I doubt very seriously whether Red Hat will ever offer ReiserFS as the default, considering they were one of the chief sponsors of ext3 development.

    *Very OT*
    @Louie and others:
    What is it about ReiserFS that you find superior to ext3? I know that its small file performance is better if you're running something like a squid proxy, but that's about the only advantage I see in it. I find ext3's speed for everyday use and its crash recovery use to be comparable to Reiser. Plus, its backward compatibility with ext2 and true data journaling option (as opposed to metadata) seem to me to be far superior to ReiserFS in a server environment.

    Oh yeah.... and it doesn't have the data corruption bugs that Reiser has had.

    Mandrake and SuSE were early adopters of ReiserFS because at the time it was the only production journaling filesystem, but just about everybody (including Mandrake) has now moved to ext3 as the default because of its better design. Not sure about SuSE, though.
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