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Thread: .NET Languages

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    Question .NET Languages

    Im not exactly sure this is the right place for this but im a newb so ill put it here anyways.

    What websites does anybody suggest for full tutorials on VB.NET from beginer to most advanced.

    I want to make programs but i never learn what to do. I specifically am looking for database tutorials and xml tutorials.

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    I would suggest you check the tutorials on this forum and also search google

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    here is a resource that might help you:

    I hope this helps.

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    You can also look at the Visual Basic Forums. It's mostly for VB and VB.Net but there is also (to a lesser extent)information on the other .Net languages and XML.
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    If u r from vb6 then you should go to The paper will teach u differences also what can and can't (vb6 and

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