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Thread: Genuine Need to bypass outlook security.

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    Genuine Need to bypass outlook security.

    On some occasions it is necessary to bypass the outlook security prompt

    "a program is trying to access your mail box"

    I tried a little program called express yes click.

    It seems to do the job pretty well. I was wondering if anyone else had come up with any other bizarro ways of getting round this.

    Extended Mapi is not an option as its tooooo difficult

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    Out of curiosity- what is the genuine need??

    I have seen reviews of Express Yes Click and I thought it seemed like a ridiculous premise. Everyone complains all the time that Microsoft products are not secure enough and then they write utilities to circumvent what little security is there.

    I couldn't think of a legitimate reason why you would want to bypass security so I am curious under what circumstances you would say there is a genuine need to do so.

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    Smile The Need

    Basically I work in a lawyers.(IT GURU)

    I have partially written a document management solution which saves info from all documents into the appropriate users directory.

    Since Lawyers are not to bright when it comes to computer usage most of the saving is done with scripting and automatically.

    When you try to retrieve an outlook e-mail to save out into a directory(using script, macro or VB) it gives you the security prompt which would lead to many many phone calls to me asking what it was and also when they click no (most would because the message more or less says its a virus accessing your inbox) my script doesn't work.

    If you can think of a better way of performing the task I would also love to hear about it.

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