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Thread: M$ being shady???

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    M$ being shady???

    M$ admits that XP SP1 may cause certain programs to creep along on your PC. The article can be found here.

    Microsoft Windows XP SP1 May Make Applications Crawl

    By Techweb News

    Microsoft acknowledged that Windows XP Service Pack 1, a broad update released last October, can cause applications on some PCs to slow to a crawl.

    The problem stems from changes in Windows XP SP1's memory management system, and occurs when frequently run programs allocate and de-allocate large blocks of memory. Such programs can take up to 10 times longer to launch, Microsoft said.

    Although a fix is available, it's not posted on the general Windows Update site. Instead, users who experience this problem must contact Microsoft Product Support Services by phone to acquire the patch.
    I'm not sure but this sounds like it might have been intentional...perhaps a ploy to seek out unregistered/unactivated copies of MS Windows XP... Any thoughts????

    The Eeshman

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    Do you remember what happened when SP6 came out for NT4? That also broke alot. They eventualy released an update (SP6a) when a lot of ppl complained about it. Seems like they just don't learn from their mistakes.
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    I have had issues with programs taking forever to load- mainly Microsoft products ironically. Word, Excel, Internet Explorer- they all take 10 seconds or more to load on a 1Ghz system with 384Mb RAM.

    I do have a registered / activated copy of Windows XP Pro with SP1 installed. I have been too lazy or indifferent to call tech support about the issue though.

    Frankly (no offense to any tech support people on Antionline) I find tech support a waste of time because I have already done all of the Level 1 and Level 2 stuff and maybe even some Level 3 stuff before I decide its a big enough problem to require assistance. I don't want to walk through their flowchart that asks if the power is on, blah, blah, blah.

    As such, I resent that I should have to call tech support to get a fix for a known problem. I use Windows Update and apply all known patches specifically so I won't have to waste my time calling support.

    What a pisser!

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    I just thought it was funny that after the SP1 was released and problems with loading programs began, MS admitted to it, created a fix, but didn't distribute it for free. Perhaps it's their way of cracking down on the pirating of the software. Who knows...

    -The Eeshman

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    Originally posted here by SirDice
    Do you remember what happened when SP6 came out for NT4? That also broke alot. They eventualy released an update (SP6a) when a lot of ppl complained about it. Seems like they just don't learn from their mistakes.
    Admitting to one's mistakes allows one to begin learning from one's mistakes. However, until the former occurs, the latter will not.

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    I dont see to much of a big deal with Microsoft being so worried about piracy, i mean how much money do they make already? i can understand if someone was using 50 copies of XP Pro and nistalled on every computer they saw thats one things, but Microsoft is a huge company with more money than most countries, and also im not saying piracy is ok so dont think that, iv had people rip off my ideas before and i know how that feels, but if like for example 500 people in each state had pirated copies of XP, thats less than pocket change to Bill, i guess im fairly nuetral in this one.

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    I tend to agree with DigitalSyntax. I think the whole "registration" of windows is a load of crap. And everytime i try to run widows update the whole machine locks up tight. HMMMM maybe thats because XP stands for Xcrement Package

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    You sure are right about that one ZomBieMann77, now your next step, go out , spend just a few bucks on a book and learn about a real operating system like Linux. You'll most likely get a copy of Linux with your book so you can start learning right away. It took me just about an hour to install my first time and I've never looked back on windows.

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    Eh Linux is nice for server side stuff, but it still can't do the everyday stuff Windows can... like games. I don't care how old I am, I'm still going to want to do Need For Speed now and the, Jedi Knight 2, etc... and I don't see an app on a Linux box to let that happen.

    Setting that aside, I totally agree with the fact that it sounds like Microsoft is trying to crack down on priacy by this little "SP1 and an update to an update"! But that's Bill for you, it's not the fact that he couldn't care about the money (which I think he does), but I think to him it's just the fact he doesn't want anyone "stealing" his "stuff". That's the way he always has been though, and how he lives... so I read.
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    M$ being shady?? Nooooo.

    From Slashdot:

    "The Register is reporting that Microsoft is throwing in the towel as far as NT 4 is concerned on the latest security flaw to affect Windows 2000, XP, and NT 4. They quote Microsoft as saying 'The architectural limitations of Windows NT 4.0 do not support the changes that would be required to remove this vulnerability.'" There still is a workaround for NT 4.0. Instead of patching the problem, it's advised to firewall off port 135 on an affected machine.
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