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Thread: M$ being shady???

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    of course windows is going to have problems...what did you expect?how long as windows o/s been around?besides its long been apart of there marketing stratagies. every o/s has probs...even linux and linux is not only good for server side stuff, if you want to play games under linux just get WINE. although i will admit some games dont run as well as othersbut it just depends on your preference and what you need out of your computer.and as far as MS piracy goes...they know it happens and again they have implemted that into a marketing strategy as well. oh btw the news about SP1 causing problems with users has been mentioned here numerous times. take it easy people.
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    What boggles my mind is that Windoze (of which I run) is having probs continuously and they are still on top as a viable company.
    I agree that it sounds a tad too fishy about this "SP1" problem but then again i feel M$ is up to something anyway so this only adds a little more fuel to the fire.
    I agree abbout being concerned about piracy even in M$'s case as they didn't get where they are by complaining about monopolies and such they went out and did. The thing is they want to take even what we do to our own computer out of our hands and be forced to do what they want (sort of extreme I know) tha's what i don't like about M$
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    Originally posted here by tonybradley

    I have had issues with programs taking forever to load- mainly Microsoft products ironically. Word, Excel, Internet Explorer- they all take 10 seconds or more to load on a 1Ghz system with 384Mb RAM.
    I have a similar system and am experiencing the same problem. However I do not have SP1 installed. Maybe this problem goes deeper?

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    This goes into regards of pirating. I don't think it's right to pirate no matter how big the corporation is. All you are doing is justifying something that is wrong. That's just like saying, if I rob my neighbor it's ok because everything is insured. Just because Microsoft does some very strange and odd things doesn't make it right to steal from them. (Even though they steal personal marketing information from us!)
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