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Thread: UN-survey (humor?)

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    dont base intelligence on "education level" before i even started college or finished high school i won arguements with pharmacists. (i used that example because to become a pharmacist you need how many years of school? lol).


    I'm not particularly intelligent, open-minded, or well-liked.
    And I don't live in a safe place, eat a balanced diet, or drive very well.
    I don't know Shakespeare, Da Vinci or Gutenberg,
    although I'm pretty sure they were American.

    I drink beer, not water, I am outspoken, not opinionated,
    Guns settle disputes, not discussions.
    Winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing,
    And it's pronounced RUFF, not ROOF.

    I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack, unless I go somewhere.
    Burger King IS fine dining. Washing after peeing is for LOSERS,
    Twinkies and Moon Pies ARE GOOD for breakfast,

    The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the ONLY country in the world,
    The FIRST nation of IGNORANCE,
    And the BEST part of SOUTH AMERICA!!
    MY NAME IS JIM-BOB, I am married to my sister,
    AND I AM AMERICAN!!!!!!! "

    Why is it when people think america they think alabama? for goodness sakes man i live in the northern US, theres no marry your sister **** here. that starts ends and stops around "bama" as the people iv met from there call it.
    cant we just agree that no country is perfect? the US has a huge crime rate and red necks making us look like dick heads and then theres the driving......

    ok i live in Michigan, in my state you learn to drive well or you die, simple, if you dont think so hop on a free way and go to detroit. iv been to canada, alot. they come here alot to play in wal mart, or as i call it the red neck mall.

    i dont fit in with any stereo types really, i can actually drive, im smart but i admit i make mistakes, and im against war, drug laws, and drinking and driving, i also quit drinking, (if you wanna be a ***** about it im Irish, so quitting drinking should be ohhhh so hard for me huh ;/ )

    i like the fact that in this country i can find a job easy and also i have the CHOICE to go to school, not begging for it, im very happy about that, im also proud of this country for the fact that if you do actually put something into life you can get help, my IQ is 146 and i go to college 100% free, i dont even have to pay for books and i actually get money while im going as long as my grades are above average, now thats a good part.

    Im also German so if you wanna stereotype that i have a temper but im smart and i "should" love beer right? well like i said i quit drinking....i dont stereo type many people because its not right, if you wanna do that to me i dont care i wont get mad but ill sure as hell argue if i disagree, im German/ Irish/ and Scottish (tiny bit scottish, mostly irish and German though) so if you put that togther you get a drunk with a temper right? lol ok im done rambling.

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    Heh... It was meant as a joke gore.... nothing else... I have a lot of repect for the majority of the Americans on this board, however there seem to be a lot of red neck war mongers around here.....

    As for the stereotype everyone has of Americans... blame your media.... Street Smarts.. Every seen that show?? They take "average" Americans off the streets and ask them rather simple questions.... they hardly ever answer them correctly.. How about your reality TV shows like Survivor..... I think they deliberately pick people that have no clue about the wilderness.... Take a few Canadians and put them on the show, or Americans from Northern Michigan, Wisconsin or anywhere around there... and then you'd see how it's done... For some reason your television stations like to portray stupid Americans.. why else would they show Cops like 10 times a day (ok an exageration, but not by much)...

    As far as your college being free, congrats on that... too bad it's not the same here.... My IQ is 152 and they gave me $750 (and an $8000 loan that i have to pay back with interest)... Although when it comes to post-secondary education.. both the US and Canada have it wrong.... We should follow in Germany's footsteps (and i believe other European countries do the same)....... No Tuition..

    As one last point.. I would never base intelligence on "education level"... I always hated that during school and still hate it now.... I know more than my profs, yet i'm paying them to be there and then I have to go and re-explain everything to the class because no one understood the wrong information they were "taught"...

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    Originally posted by KorpDeath
    For one month......March of 2003. Good example.
    What month, starting from September 2000 up to March 2003, would you use as an example where you "don't see ANY other country ponying up the cash and resources to go on peacekeeping missions"? There are some 89 other countries on each list...

    Edit: Such a good reply, and I SCREWED UP THE URL! Jeebus Korp
    Thanks Neel. That's the one.

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    404 - page can't be found. I'll try again later.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Try this: and click any you like
    Double Dutch

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    Originally posted here by neel

    I had to learn all the countrys of the world a few days ago with their capitals... I forgot the capitals, but I had all of that thing correct. I only swapped turkmenistan and uzbekistan. In the netherlands, everyone has to learn this. We even learn in the US they don't learn this (so I mean not everyone here, for the not so bright light people). I think you could ask any dutchman to agree on that, it's just a fact. Fits in the survey again.

    umm i live in america(the south even) and i had to learn it, the calss was 5 years ago and i must admitt, i havent thought of turkmenistan and uzbekistan since i passed the test, but i did learn about them. as does every one who goes to my hs seeing as it is a required course at my school, and i think the state of texas as well.
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