hey, this lil' perl script is great! i've been having fun with my office
for more info, read the source code below...
# Printer Fun :-)
# by Laurens (laurens@netric.org)
# little perl script to change the "ready message"
# on printers that support PJL commands.
# tested on a HP 4000/4100

use strict;
use IO::Socket;
use Getopt::Std;

my %opt;
my $data;
my $socket;

print "\nPrinter Fun :-)\n";
print "by Laurens (laurens\@netric.org)\n\n";

getopts("r:t:h", \%opt);
usage() if not %opt or $opt{h};

if ($opt{t} and $opt{r}) {
	print "[+] Setting the printer ready message\n";

	$data =
	"\033%-12345X\@PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY=\"$opt{r}\"\n".

	$socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(
		Proto   =>'tcp')
	or die "[-] Couldn't connect to $opt{t}:9100 : $!\n\n";

	print $socket $data;
	close ($socket);

	print "[+] DONE!\n\n";
} else {
	print "\n[-] Specify -r and -t!\n\n";

sub usage {
	print "usage: $0 [-r <message>] [-t <hostname/ip>] [-h]\n";
	print "-r : ready message display\n";
	print "-t : target\n";
	print "-h : help/usage\n";
	print "example: $0 -r \"netric.org\" -t\n\n";