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Thread: Website login hacking

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    Website login hacking

    Uh hey all,
    I was just wondering if anyone was 1337 enough to tell how I can get into those sites that you need to login to if you wanna download shite... I attached a pic to show what I mean...

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    i know this has been posted before, its a username & password cracker (i tried it and it didnt work, but sum ppl swear by it), its purpose is to see if your OWN website can be hacked, not any1 elses (as this is illegal) - if you would like to see if u can get into ur OWN site, here is the linkof the cracker :-

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    Hrmm, yes , just wondering the ethical thingie on this one
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    The best way is to contact the site owner and register for an account.
    As far as breaking in..that would be illegal in most cases.

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