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    Hello, I am new to this site and I took a peak in to the Security Downloads and found some files on Crypto. What is this used for exactly and what file is the best to use? I appreciate any advice in this area.

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    hmm...a few questions as to the nature of your questions: of which files do you speak, and for what do you intend to use cryptography? i would recommend gnupg for your cryptographic needs , as it it comes....FREE!!! if you want to learn about cryptography, read some books, "crypto" was pretty good, and there were some great ones about implementing public-key systems in c...just check out

    and if you really wanna learn about crypto, build your own public-key system (my first one was on a TI-86) it's great great fun.
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    Thanks, I will check out amazon.

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    Crypie stuff

    Do your research!
    don't think that a program will do it all, look at RSA labs for info

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    Maybe you would like to read the following thread for an introduction to what cryptography is.

    You can find it here:

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