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Thread: Windows Longhorn

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    Windows Longhorn

    I found on some sites that microsoft is developing "windows longhorn", but nothin on the microsoft site... if you know anything about it .... is it more secure.... can we download it ,even if it's a beta version..... what new features does it have ...?? when will it come out..will it come out..?? any replys appriciated

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    The next generation of Windows is codenamed longhorn that is correct.
    The betas have been circulating the net for a while now.
    You can download them if you can find them.
    People say Microsoft 'slips' these betas on the net to get a good review from the community, like what happened when 'whistler' slipped.
    I personally have no working experience with longhorn.
    As far as betas go I would not rely on stability and security. MS has said they have made security their number one priority but we will have to wait and see I guess.

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    Right now it is much like windows xp. it is in a very primitive bata version. when it is finnaly resleased (some say 2004, I think later at earlyist mid 2005) it will be a new "type" of windows with a new file system and everything. (Cnet) (this one has pics)

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    I read in PC World that Longhorn was supposed to be more efficient - "a totally revamped OS built on a new file system that gives users a single route to data, regardless of how that data is created or where on a PC or network it's stored " And some cool sounding stuff about multiple desktops. Here's the article, if you're interested.,aid,109165,00.asp

    I really hope they change the name before they release it, though. It'll just goofy to tell people that your OS is a breed of cattle. "Yeah, so I switched to Linux a week or two ago." "Oh? Well I'm operating off a cow." Just doesn't hold up.
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    Longhorn is only its codename, just like how whistler was xp's code name.
    a totally revamped OS built on a new file system that gives users a single route to data, regardless of how that data is created or where on a PC or network it's stored "
    i heard somewhere that this 'brand new' file system will be totally based on xml and database driven...does that make sense?
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    yes, but i know that when 'longhorn' is first released, it will run on the NT file system, and not on its 'new' file system, which will be implemented further down the track, perhaps even in one of its sevice packs.
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    Longhorn is supposed to add a lot of stuff to windows, some of which will be good, like the rational DB based file system, and some of the features in palladium. In saying that the only thing that works in the betas is the transparent menus (something you could do with skins for a while) and photo realistic icons.....whoopee I am real impressed . It was going to be server 2003 but now looks like it will be out around 2006, with 2003 being another interim step much like xp was for 2000 pro, or ME was for 98.

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    acording to the article i saw on it in PC Mag. its supposed to be freshly coded. Not based off of windows at all. I dont know much about programing so i dont know how plausable that is. and i think most everybody can remeber all the bugs is 95 when it came out.... that was " from scratch" programing Hmmmm I think ill stick with xp for a while

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    Well if longhorn is going to have a totaly new file system then they will probably loss millions of dollars because all of the software that is currently out for this type of file system. What I mean is that you can run a windows prog on linux (without wine) so therefore they will probably need to creat a whole new breed of software. My guess is that more people will switch over to linux. One such problem that xp created when xp was released was that none of your old cd burning software would work on it, I think this new operating system will have the same types of problems.

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    There's already a bunch of threads regarding this subject. One of them (which I started) discusses (in-depth) the new filesystem WINFS. Also, just for clarification, it's not in Beta yet... it's still at an in-house Alpha testing stage. The Beta should start somewhere at the end of summer. For more info, just search the archives... you should find quite a bit of information.


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