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Thread: Certified Drivers and XP

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    Certified Drivers and XP

    Is there any way to disable the certified drivers warning prompt with XP when attempting to install older hardware? I have an older video card that I would like to install so I can once again have a dual display set up. Thank you.
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    The best way to do it would to be to find an "approved" driver.

    If it is not "certified" it simply means that m$ has not tested they system with that device and or driver.

    I have installed devices like this and gotten drivers for win2k to work.

    I think you can just bypass the warning. Just acknowledge the warning, and continue... if I'll let you.

    Its been a while...

    When a warning message pops up, click Continue Anyway, then click Finish. Our driver has been thoroughly tested in Windows for stability. This message appears because Microsoft has not tested this product through WHQL certification.
    This is for the instructions on how to insall a scsi card. Though it is not the same as the video card.. the instructions are pracically the same.
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    I found this at ms I'm pretty sure is what you need;en-us;293335
    and of course its always a good idea to try to find a new driver for you card!
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    If you want to disable the warning, do the following:

    Open Control Panel
    Open the "System" applet
    Click the "Hardware" tab
    Click "Driver Signing"
    Select the "Ignore - Install the software..." radio button
    Click Ok (out of hardware)
    Click Ok (out of System)

    And you're set. No more warnings or confirmations when installing drivers for hardware.


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