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Thread: Network control? remote computer control?

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    Unhappy Network control? remote computer control?

    Our school's network is configured so that the teachers or staff can view what is on a given computer at a given time. It slows down the computer a lot and is very obvious when they are watching you. This is mildly annoying, but not the subject of this forum. Because of this viewer program one of the library staff is controling our computers occasionally and boy is it annoying. I think he is using Altris vision, I dont mind being watched, but when he shuts off me machine or something like that it does really suck. Please describe how this works plus ways to stop it if possible (without hacking it). oh yeah, it when your playing a game or printing on your screen for them to stop watching you that he gets ya (My friend did that).

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    They have the advantage...

    However, There may be a chance that you can do a control+alt+delete one time and end task on the program they are using.

    But, They may have configured around this too depending on how strict the user policy has been implemented. They will also see your host as down within there software and may be able to find you depending if they have matched IP address's to locations within the building.

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    sure, just install a firewall?
    that might be able to pick up on the client's activities...
    although i don't know how you would install a fw with them looking?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    He is just utilizing remote admin on the machines he only way to stop it would be to remove the client on the machine or block the port with a firewall (considering that they are school machines and not yours installing a firewall may be a big nono)

    IMHO the administrator is acting *very* unprofessionally, he should never shut down a machine you are working on unless you are violating one of the computer usage policies of your school.

    These next statements are assuming you are doing nothing to violate your schools computer usage policy, if you are suck it up your sol.

    Write a letter to him asking him to stop (note the behavior perhaps even make a log). Make a copy of the letter you write and have him sign it(if he refuses this is even better) noteing that he received it, Also get a copy to the administration. If he doesn’t stop the behavior have your parents go to the PTO/School board and complain (they pay the bills so they will carry some weight there) If you can get enough of you friends parents to complain he will be fired. This will work even better if you can show that you lost schoolwork because of a reboot.

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    teoretically, if a system is set up right any admin can "look at" what you are doing on a computer. but i have to agree, this guy seems to be going a bit over the line into snooping. i mean, if he can read your e-mails as you're typing them... that seems like a breach of privacy right there. just don't freak out- if you get all pissy, they'll stop listening to you. be cool, be suave, go about this professionally, and yeah, get your parents all riled up- could'nt hurt
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    Somehow i feel that if you were using this computer for its intended purpose you would not be having this problem. Nobody's life is 'that interesting' that others would take time out of their day just to watch them. Lets face it watching someone do schoolwork is not high on anyones list of things to do.
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