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    i put my comp together and all is fine except when i play music videos or mp3s or some time when u click a page and u should hear a normal click i get this horrid sound like a skip
    if i could make the noise i would its like a egegegegegege then goes normal
    mainly sound related im thinkin maybe a memory error or somethin?? i dunno has anyone had this happen??? it happens and happens somewhat often but when i play a game such as starcraft it dont happen i have a soundblaster live sound card and all updated drivers i beleive

    just wierd and annoying the picture freezez as the sound does as the breif noise is there

    it kinda sounds like in the movie matrix after neo takes the pill and the sound is all wierd
    when he is turning liquid like

    sorry its the best description i could think of
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    Last time I saw this happen it was due to a faulty sound card driver. Hit the manufaturers web site and download the latest driver for your sound card

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    I'd suggest what bballad said. Go to the sound Cards manafacturer web site and look for updated drivers.

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