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Thread: Access Violation in Windows NT

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    Access Violation in Windows NT

    Dear Friends:
    Iam getting access violation error rendering movies using Adobe after effects 4.1 in windows NT, the system cofig as follows Intel Pentium 750mhz dual proccesor, intel MB,256 megs ram, 70Gb SCSI Hdd, please advice

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    1. Check the system spec. Does After Effects require Windows 2000?

    2. Take the matter up with Adobe support (you did send in your registration card, right?)

    3. Try the package on another Windows NT machine to try and reproduce the fault, there may be a problem with this installation.

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    It would also help if you can post the details of the access violation.
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    Windows NT is not supported by Adobe After Effects.


    • Intel® Pentium® II, III, or 4 (multiprocessor recommended)

    • Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

    • 128MB of RAM installed (256MB or more recommended)

    • 120MB of available hard-disk space for installation (500MB or larger hard disk or disk array recommended for ongoing work)

    • CD-ROM drive

    • 24-bit color display adapter

    • QuickTime 5.0 software (recommended)

    • Microsoft DirectX 8.1 software (recommended)
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    An application error has occcured, error log has been generated
    Exception Access Voilation (0xc00000050),Address 0x1e07d404

    This is the message and error number hope it will be helpfull to find out the solution,

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