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Thread: Microsoft showcases its prototype

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    Microsoft showcases its prototype

    Athen Prototype

    The security features sound somewhat cool, but I dunno....already too many bells and whistles included.
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    dude- i agree. looks more like a "keep the nice workers in front of their desks all day so they don't have to get up and move at all" thing. all i want is a computer that can get me a beer... is that too much to ask?
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    Wow, MS is getting weird...between this and the iLoo they take the hat from apple for most pointless and disturbing system
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    ooohh...lights around the monitor.....another part of my computer built by MS that will just break, and cause my system to crash!
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    Yet another thing designed for Gate's wifey.... what makes him think any one else would want one?
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