With the recent rise of trusted operating systems beyond just the ranks of the military and banks I think this could be a valuable forum as well, it will likely be slow at first but as people become more aware it will grow.

In the last few years there has been an explosion of labeled security systems from SELinux using flask and Argus' Pitbull and Pitbull LX with DBAC to HP's Virtual Vault and Trusted Linux. The release of TRIX's pseudo code and even TrustedBSD's MAC implamentation crossing over to FBSD 5.x. AITS and Argus are even added labeled security and structured domains to NT5. There is even a TOS that runs on the dreamcast and another for the PS2 in the works.

Again a good conceptual understanding of the Bell-LaPadula model is required for any CISSP as well.

(I got flamed for mention these and OBSD being no more secure than Mandrake Linux according to the TCSEC and ITSEC so I figured perhaps a forum on the subject might be nice. heh)