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Thread: Fraud

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    Thumbs down Fraud

    I saw how my friend ordered the 'hack into computers cd' and got scammed.
    He payed US $80 dollars for it and then he recieved a blank cd. After reclaiming again for the software he got a 1997 downloaded from SUB 7 TROYAN.

    COUNTING THAT IS OLD AND IS FREEWARE my friend got totally scammed. Now i was surfing throw the net and i see this guy is still scamming people, that website should be closed down for good.

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    How much honesty were you really looking for from someone selling a CD that promotes illegal activities? Really now, let's use a little common sense and good judgement, shall we?
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    besides what debwalin said, you can get many tools for free if you know where to look so why would your friend ( <ahem>) be so naive?

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    That kind of stuff is a joke and is directed towards people who are trying to "hack" without really knowing anything about computers. Of course there are companies that are around that say they give you "hacking" tools, which basically are just Sub 7 or something, and a manual to teach you how to to use it... directoed towards network admins who are trying to learn what "dark" tools are out there that they must protect their networks from.

    In all honesty if you want to hack to just screw peoples computers up or to be a "bad ass", then that's lame. If you want to learn what hackers are doing to protect yourself, or your network, then read up on it at places like Antionline, or surf the web and buy some books from creditable companies!

    Just a thought....
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    Formatting my server because someone hacked into it sounds pretty boring to me...
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    I could be wrong, but I think his point was that the website was still up. Legally I think they should be taken down. Any thoughts?
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    Agreed, however, the whole thing behind this p*sses me right off!

    A) People who are too lazy to actually hack themselves and rely on programs written by true hackers and;

    B) People who are too stupid to realise the true meaning of hacking.

    Hacking is not reserved to the act of breaking into computers solely. This is delegated the term 'cracker'. A hacker is someone who simply wants to know stuff. Hacking is a mindset. You either are born with the burning, itching curiosity to learn and know why a certain thing does what it does, or your not.

    As we all know (99% of us), the actual meaning of 'hacker' was a person who 'hacked together' code to help with a certain problem. The term 'hacker' now has been exploited by the media(s) and people now have the idea that they can become a hacker to impress their friends and relations. This is a myth and you should go away now if this describes you. If, however. you wish to learn and extend your own knowledge, then by all means, this is the place.

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    Do you really think that there would be a site that would sell you infor about how to hack into a comptuer?? Honestly do you really think that there would be a site out there that would have not been shutdown yet?

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    warforge used to produce a similar CD, I used to have a copy of it back in the day, but it was basically a bunch of Zip files of every known virus at the time (1997 or 1998) in big zip files by alphabetical letter. Wierd CD, but it was basically 27 zip files (a-z and #'s) of trojans, boot virii, email virii, etc.

    i guess my point is, Warforge would deliver their CD's
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    I must agree, $80 is way to much, I can send your "friend" some cd's for $65 each.

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    Yeah, I agree with you ,but will the guys/girls be able to prove that it is just THIS huy who was selling empty trojan CDs???

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