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Thread: Can someone point me in right direction

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    Can someone point me in right direction

    First of all i would like to appologize as this is not in the right place but I could find no other match.

    Anyways, I am interested in making a website. I know a enough to get by usually but this site i want to take alot of time and make it look good.

    If you check out

    you can get an idea of what i want. I like how they have the links on the left and when you click them they open up in the middle with that blue background. I have a fealing that that is php but does anyone know how I can get my site to do that. Please help.

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    i aint a webpage creator or know much about it but i know that those r frames that the page is using and those arent hard at all. Maybe start out at Geocities and makea page for urself and start out there...then maybe aquire Frontpage Express from microsoft or download it somewhere and play around with that...Hopefully someone who knows about this stuff will be able to help u more.


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    CSNation is in php as you guessed, but i believe you can have all those features using HTML and such.

    You should go to or to go and find out what you're looking for.

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    I don't know if you have heard of this site but it is worth a look
    From what I can tell the site you linked to just uses a bit of clever layout with tables, but I didn't look to close. Suggest if you want to improve your web design you look at:

    roughly in that order, there is plenty of material at the link I posted. if you want to know how a site works you could start by looking at the source view->page source in netscape, don't rip other people off but it is good to see how they work.


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    The site in question actually uses shared borders, rather than frames. In a framed environment, the left pane would change but nothing else would. If you look carefully when you click a link, the entire page refreshes, a clear indication that shared borders are being used, rather than frames (frames often have a disadvantage of scroll bars appearing when viewed using a low resolution). Shared borders, which eliminate this disadvantage, are a feature native to nearly any WYSIWYG web development environment (such as FrontPage, GoLive or DreamWeaver). I would suggest, since you are new to web development, going with one of those and using the features they give you do make the site. As you expand your site and learn more about web development, you'll probably want to move into hard coding certain aspects and adding ASP or PHP or some other language more suited for dynamic content.


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    if eddiemontose is new to web designs he should use a simpler program like Windows FronPage.... he can create some cool sites with that...all he has to do is experiment with MFP a little bit ... i also recommend software from MacroMedia...for use with Microsoft Front MacroMedia Fireworks or MacroMedia FreeHand ..... anyways just experiment and look what u can do for a start...

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    You'd do good listening to what avdven said. Macromedia makes very good tools for site design. I highly recommend using Dreamweaver by Macromedia. It's got a nice interface, with optional split screen so you can see the html code and the results on the bottom. Hope that info helps.

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    Thank you all for your replys. avdven responce was what i was looking for. I knew they werent frames by just what he said the appearance of the scroll bars on lower resolutions.

    ANyways thanks all and I will delete this post in a few because i know its not in the right place

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    Here's a good tip for learning webpage design and how they are put together.

    Assuming your using Internet Explorer, go to a website you like, click on the "View" tab and then "source". You can then copy the entire html code for that webpage. If you have Frontpage you can then paste in the code and look how its been built.

    Of course this is only for educational purposes, its not really the done thing to rip-off someones website and put it out as your own.

    Hope this helps


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