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Thread: Whats your favorite online game?

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    Don't mean to affend anyone but the best games every made would have to be Counter Strike or Team Fortress Classic by Half-Life. Good question man I just dont care for RPG games.

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    I've always been a fan of the Age of Empires line. The newest, Age of Mythologies, r0x0rs the h0us0r. (Can you leet speak house? I just did.) Icewind Dale 2 is pretty good also, although I haven't played it online yet.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I waste a good chuck of my time playing Yahoo Euchre.

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    i dont prefer astrategia games .. i prefer action games like rouge spear Black thorn (belongs to toom clancy`s)

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    UT hands down. hee hee hee i'm suprised no one has said The Sims Online yet
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    I play Medal of Honor: AA and BattleField 1942 on Gamespy. My username is the same on gamespy as on here. Look me up sometime. Would live to kick some more ass.
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    CS and Unreal are the best

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    I like playing a game called Ghost Recon, or Raven Shield is pretty cool.

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    Yea Counterstrike is my passion, but a good online free game played thru your browser has to be starkingdoms (

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