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    Talking Just wondering...

    Hello, hello, hello!

    I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who could point me in the direction of a good encryption program. I know about PGP but don't really like it (am I weird for this??). Are there any other freeware progs. with strong encryption?

    Anywayz, thanks for viewing even if you can't help out.

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    check out
    they have a bunch of little proggies up there. may not be strong enough, but worth a test drive.
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    what platform are you using, windows , *nix?
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    if he is using PGP than he is on windows, now if he had said GnuPGP then that would be different. So im assuming he is on windows, and as for windows goes, PGP is basically all you need, by running windows you are pretty much screwed anyways.

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    Hey if he's running Windows XP, he could always use the built in Windows encryption problem...

    heheh... sorry guys just had to!
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    The best encryption program is the one that works with a "one time pad" this is a russian method that can't be encrypted without the pad. The pad is a series of numbers that you use ONE time to encrypt and decrypt the message. Because you use the pad once no one can decrypt the message. (ask the NSA) The "one time pad" method is a russian method that's been used with success.
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    umm... cleanbash... methinks you need a history lesson, one time pads were not invented by the russian government! they are but one recent example of a group of people using one time pads.... however one time pads are pretty much useless for large messages/documents... why.... take a look here



    Viperboy you might also find something here to your liking - not all of them are free though

    this one here is free and is quite good
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    Hello. I think a good way to begin with this is to inform yourself of all available choices, so you can decide for yourself what suits your needs best.

    Have a look at this link HERE!

    This will explain to you the different cryptography styles and information on what they are.

    Good luck.

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