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Thread: The Matrix - Reloaded

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    I thought it was pretty good. Cool special effects, and fight seens.

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    Originally posted here by ea282

    "I do not share your beliefs, Morpheus"
    "My beliefs to not require that you do"
    Close, i think it was "Not everyone here shares your beliefs, Morpheus"
    "My beliefs do not require them to"

    i could be wrong, but i have now seen it twice :P

    forgot to add, did anyone else see trinity using ssh on the movie that was pretty sweet.

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    The 21st.. man that sucks ass.... I'd hate having to wait that long.. We thought we'd have to wait til the 15th like the ads have said. but we got special promo showings on the 14th. so we went then...
    HT... you bet it sucks ass - tell me about it... still they say patience is a virtue but I find half a bottle of brandy and 4 hours sleep does a good job of making me insensible to the wait things go all bendy after a while - anyone mention spoons??
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    Yeah, i just might have to go see this one, ive heard nothing but great things about it. This says alot, since i havent watched a movie since the Lord of the Rings, and before that it was Forrest Gump . It takes a good one to get me moving.

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    I just saw the movie today and I thought is was F***ing awesome! I definitley need to see it again since there was sooooo much in it that I couldn't process it all. Just to let everyone know that hasn't seen it yet or for people that are going to see it agian, stay for the credits because after the credits are over it gives a trailer to Matrix Revolution.
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    I live in such a distant country called the UK, where we see films once every1 has them on DVD !!!!

    Thank God for IRC - im gonna watch it later on today !!!

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    forgot to add, did anyone else see trinity using ssh on the movie that was pretty sweet.
    I havent seen the movie just trailers for it and it look amazing here is the pic ot trinity using nmap and ssh-nuke (the sploit she uses) and ssh to log in

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    Anybody know when we are going to get in the third world......Am also getting impatient.

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    get it off IRC, every1 has it on there, quality is good 2 - erm, but only as a backup as that would be illegal, u have to own it 1st

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    Reloaded was awesome. I canít wait for Revolutions.

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