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Thread: The world of hackers

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    The world of hackers

    This will just explain the differences between the kinds of people who live in the hackerworld.

    Script kiddies: These are the lamest people in the hackerworld, in fact they are not part of it because both white and black hats hate them. They are mostly unable to program, they just run other people's programs without knowing how it works. The only thing they do is mail bombing, defacing random websites,...

    black hats: a.k.a crackers, these are the "evil" crackers, the difference between script kiddies and crackers is that script kiddies attack random systems because they are to lame/dumb/...
    to be able to exploit a somewhat harder system. Crackers pick a system and keep trying to exploit it.

    white hats: consider them the "real" hackers. The internet and *nix wouldn't exist without the white hats. These people do not crack computers but secure them. Ofcourse these hackers are able to exploit computers but they just don't do it. Another problem is that the media calls the black hats/script kiddies hackers wich irritates real hackers in no end.

    gray hats: These are neutral people, they just publish information and you deside what to do with it, either use it to crack or to secure.

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    thx for this tut i'll show it to all these kiddis in IRC when they are getting on my nerves

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    There was already an excellent explanation about hackers in Ennis' tutorial called The Ultimate Newbie FAQ! and this is a quote from it:

    Types of Hackers
    There are many types of hackers and I will try explain the vast majority of them here beginning with the good and branching into the undesirables...

    Newbies are only well new to hacking, they are striving to learn and it is at this stage they decide what path they will take. A newbie could become anything if not taught early the code of the hacker. The usually go through a process of learning from their mistakes.
    Neophythes are newbies who are beginning to show some knowledge and are contributing to the hacker society. Many hackers remain at this stage and few move on the 'uberhacker' status.

    Lamers are the people that just wont learn, they are not interested in real hacking instead looking for easy ways to impress their freinds etc. Everything they do is accomplished without any innovative ideas, just basic copying of old exploits, tools etc.

    Script Kiddies
    *Ennis cringes* Yes we all them, the bottom of the hacker culture is fulll of wannabes, these malicious kids are lamers with enough knowledge to lets say, deface a site or execute DoS attacks, creat simple virii etc. They are the people that give hackers a bad name.

    Black Hats
    You may have heard this term tossed around this forum a couple of times, Black Hats are crackers out to gain something from their computer knowledge. Basically they are the crimanals you hear about from the media.

    White Hats
    You guessed it, the good guys. The find holes in systems and may patch them up or warn the sites administrator. These people are the moral conscience of the hacking world.

    Grey Hats
    Kinda myth-like, apparently the old crackers using their skills have root on many sites but do not deface the site or cause damage. They may install backdoors and sites. They do not talk to anyone or release their exploits to other hackers.
    It's weird you didn't see it because newbies are supposed to read the FAQs and helping tutorials during their first days around AO. You can see Ennis' tutorial HERE

    I'm just pointing that if we all write the same threads we will end having a whole bunch of repetitive posts and info. Anyway, you was just trying to help and that's good tough so i appreciate that.

    Take care,


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    But I'm not a newbie so I never read that tutorial, I might be only 15 but I was already learning to hack when I was 11

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    I think he was referring to your forum status, which cleary states Newbie. Just because you were learning to hack at the age of 11 doesn't exempt you from searching before you post, and you should probably read the helping tutorials and FAQ's and such like he says, I know I do. It helps quite a bit.

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