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Thread: Safety with proxy servers?

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    Question Safety with proxy servers?

    Hello! im new here and generally in the world of the internet.First of all i want to tell you to keep up with the hard but also good work you are doing!Well in the point now! I have heard that connecting to a proxy server anonymoys or not increases your browsing speed and also your security because they see an other computers name or something that. I want to ask how can i connect to an anonymoys proxy server and where i can find some lists of working proxy servers.I also want to say that i did tried to connect with some but nothing happened! Please tell me how to do it right!

    Thank you for your time reading this!

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    connecting to a proxy will not increase your browsing speed as your signal will have to travel through more transmittion line to go to the same place.

    it can increase security if it is truely anonymous. always consider it may be run by a person/people who are not so nice. so don't send passwords or cookies or bank details through a proxy. check out the bottom of this page for more, and search the forums.

    in short, to use a server by going to your browsers proxy server settings and typing in the name of the proxys ip and port. check google and here for how to chain proxys, but it will slow things down dramatically.

    google also for proxy lists.
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    Just get yourself a cable connection instead of dial up - this will put u thru a proxy and also your speeds will increase ten fold

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    A proxy is not desgined to make you annonymous, nor will it truly make you annonymous if you are on a win system. Please look for older threads on this subject. There are soooo many explaining why its not a good idea.

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    I don't see why you would want to connect to a proxy. Why do you need to do this? The proxy won't increase your speed and also won't make you annonymous if someone really wants to find out your ip. If you look below you will see under the 'similar threads' title that there are numerous threads about what you have already said, but I'll let it slide since your new to the site. Welcome to AO and I hope you enjoy it.

    P.S. for future reference, try to use google ( to help you find information.
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    I beg to differ on one part. Some proxy servers will speed up the connection if they cache static content. One example would be MS ISA Server 2000.
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    I agree with T2K2 many proxy servers will increase you access and download times if the pages you are trying to access are held in the proxies' cache. Many ISPs run caching servers as part of the service to reduce the traffic on their outbound links to the Internet.

    If you use an ISP that supports caching you should find some where in their FAQ's, instructions as to the IP address and port they are using.

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