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Thread: My Comp Is Fu**ed Up ><

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    My Comp Is Fu**ed Up ><

    alright my screen is bigger than it should be and i cant open a single thing in my control panel...i scanned for trojans etc and nothing came up....what to do?

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    Sounds like someone tampered with your monitor settings. As far as the other stuff, you mentioned you scanned for trojans, but did you scan for viruses? And can you provide us with some more indepth info on your problem, cause it's hard to diagnose your problem with the amount of info given here.

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    I dont exactly know what u mean by your screen is bigger than it should be. Maybe u need a new monitor. Also you can edit your screen border and size, in your registry. Repost and tell what exactly u mean by your screen is bigger than what it should be. -Twisted-

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    I had a person one time complain to me that here screen was to small and she couldn't see a thing on it. The problem ended up being that the contrast and size knobs had been messed with.
    Check those on your computer

    if your running windows right click on the desktop then click properties-->settings, then play witht the screeen resolution.

    Thats the best I can do for you with so little info.

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    aight listen,my control panel's programs(display,internet options,etc) I CANNOT OPEN ANY OF THEM

    Also,i think my pixels are to big and thats why everything on my screen appears bigger fonts,icons,windows,etc. i was told i can edit that in display but i cant get into it like i said....

    what do i do

    also,Tom stop trying to help me u aint got a clue wtf is wrong lol

    Also,when i open my game i play(Diablo 2:LOD) my screens goes back to a little bit smaller than normal...then somethimes it jumps back to being to big

    (i mean after i ALt+Tab Out Of Game)

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    Who the hell is Tom?


    What your describing here sounds like possible virus damage. Go to and get AVG if you don't already have any anti-virus software.

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    I was just pulling your leg. Did you ever get this resolved? Post back with your results.

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    Im Dling AVG

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    good start.....................

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