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Thread: Thread Closed to Plagarism.

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    The BEST FREE security tools around

    Theres always a lot of talk on what the best FREE software is available to help keep those nasty virii and hackers OUT of your system, as well as to look after it. I have compiled a list of available software, ALL FREE, and direct downloads to be able to help you on your way. I have also rated each piece of software (out of 5) to help you decide.

    Feel free to add your own, and maybe the AO admin will archive this for future reference:

    Anti Virus Software

    AVG - 3/5

    AVAST 32 - 4/5

    ANTIVIR PE - 3/5

    F-Prot (dos scanner) - 4/5

    Anti Virus Updates

    InoculateIT PE







    F-Prot for Dos

    Anti Trojan

    Trojan First Aid Kit - 3/5

    Trojan Check - 3/5

    RX Trojan Assistance Pack


    Sygate personel firewall - 4/5

    Tiny Personal Firewall - 3/5

    Kerio Firewall - 4.5/5

    ZoneAlarm - 4/5

    Yalta Firewall tester - 4/5

    TooLeaky Firewall Tester - 4/5

    Firewall Add-ons

    AtGuard/NIS ruleset monitor

    AtGuard/NIS log viewer

    ZoneAlarm log lookup - converts ip's to hostnames

    Zonelog Analyser - Displays ZoneAlarm log file with xtra features

    VisualZone - Very nice ZoneAlarm (free and Pro) intrusion analyzer, now with DShield!

    VisualIce - Blackice defender intrusion analyser

    Dice - diplays blackice evidence and log files

    Alarm Stat - use with Zone Alarm

    Black Ice Attack List Viewer

    My Net Watch Man

    Port Reference List

    Port Peeker


    Opasoft Worm Cleaner

    Bug Bear wormcleaner

    B3D Killer - kills related spyware

    ID Blaster - Change ID numbers from IE, Media Player, O/S frequenly, destroy tracking tactics and security risks! Improved new version!

    Spyware Blaster

    Spyware Guard

    Fix CIH

    CIH Cleaner

    KAK Cleaner

    Matrix cleaning set

    Power Tools - Powerful Registry tools

    Easy Cleaner- registry cleaner

    JDN Reserve - clean drives in minutes

    Sub 7 removal guide

    Sub 7 removal

    EICAR Test Virus - Test your AV software

    Ad-Aware 6 (recommended)

    Spybot search & destroy (recommended)

    Internet sweeper - clear your tracks

    XEN - heavy duty batch cleaner


    Startpage Guard - prevents browser start page hijacking

    Senital Lite - Protect email privacy, script virus alerts etc

    System safety monitor - monitor essential files

    File Checker - Outstanding tool to check for and be alerted in case of tampering with any executable - antiviruses, antitrojans, firewalls etc. Secure your security apps!

    Media Player script fix - disable/enable Windows Media Player scripting to avoid infections.


    FileMon - Monitor system activites

    List DLL's - show what DLL's are bein loaded

    Autostart - see and control 50 autostarts on your computer

    ATM - task monitor

    RegMon - monitor registry

    Port Detective - Shows what ports are open/closed/used

    FPort - reports all open TCP/IP and UDP ports and maps them the the owning application

    IP List - enumerates network interfaces, shows all bound IP addresses, their broadcast addresses and masks

    Port Scanners




    PC Super Scanner




    Xploiter Stat Lite


    Packet Sniffers



    FTP software



    ABI - Coder


    Hope this is to of use to you all

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    Cool List

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    Very nice list, I'll be sure to keep it bookmarked for later use.

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    Thank's for the effort chris.

    I have a few you can add.


    The Cleaner

    Port Scanners

    GFI Languard

    Packet Sniffers


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    ...This Space For Rent.


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    nice thread....too bad you didn't think of the concept yourself.

    [edit] Yes, the negs came from don't deserve green AP's for an idea that you STOLE [/edit]
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Very good post. I am goin to check out some of those links. The rating system u made makes choosing alot easier. Post more like this o_0.

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    From my AP center...

    Grow up please
    OK...YOU come up with a thread that you intend to act as a beneficial tool that the whole community to contribute to, then have some JOHNNIE-COME-LATELY copy the inspiration behind that thread and then claim it as his own and see how it makes you feel. IF ChrisWuk wants to contribute, thats great....he found some great tools and I'm more than happy to concede that. They would have made a GREAT addition to the thread that was ALREADY started LONG before he posted his thread. Instead, he choose to take someone elses idea and pass it off as his own in a manner that doesn't leave room for the rest of the community to contribute. So much for honor and good manners.

    To add insult to injury he posts a link to his copy-cat thread to the original thread, therefore tearing down what WAS a good concept....the people of AO coming together and pooling resources in a way that benefits us all. Sorry Chris, but I consider that to be a low blow that was undeserved and VERY selfish on your part. If you disagree, then by all means feel free to post, PM or take whatever action you deem appropriate.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    excuse me, i spent a long time getting each of these tools, trawling thru loads of web sites looking for the best tools and live links.
    You had posted FOUR tools, and NONE of them were on MY list, grow up man, its because of ppl like you that i dont have any greenies, the ones i work for are taken away by power hungry selfish ppl like you !!

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    Very nice list. Could I just add outpost firewall though?

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